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Initial post 18 MAR 03 by Anonymous-797
We are looking to add a few rose bushes to the outside of our home. I heard yellow rose bushes do not attract bees. Is that true? And if it isn't, is there a certain rose bush that will keep them away?
Reply #1 of 2 posted 3 APR 03 by Roger Willeghems
As a rose lover and also a beekeeper, i can assure you that bees are not interested in humans, but just in pollen and nectar of flowers ; only single petalled roses attrackt bees by their anther's as you probably know that for the fullpetalled roses, the rose petals came in place of the anther's, so, if you really are afraid of bees, keep only full petalled roses. As far i am concerned, i just select single petalled roses for serving my bees with anther's full of pollen. BEES ARE NOT TO BE AFRAID OF
Reply #2 of 2 posted 20 JAN 04 by Roger Haynes
I concur, honey bees are not a problem. Any flower that produces pollen and or nectar will attract bees, and in my world, honey bees are welcome. There is no rose that will keep bees away, but some varieties are more attractive than others. A different, but similar issue is a problem that I usually experience late in the season with Yellowjackets. Yellowjackets are not a "Bee" but rather a Hornet, and they can be a nuisance late in the season. Traps are available to keep Yellowjackets away from critical areas, but in general both hornets and bees are after the roses, and not anyone who is simply in close proximity.
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