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most recent 7 OCT 14 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 7 OCT 14 by gabriellahirst
Hello all!
I'm an Australian artist living in Germany. I am on the lookout for plant cultivars with their name's relating to WWI battles, or any battle from any period/place, for that matter. for Example, 'Verdun' (Barbier), 'Ghislaine Feligonde', 'Waterloo' etcetera.
I posted earlier in the year on the same topic and received some wonderful feedback, and I'm going to ask the same question incase anybody with new insight who did not see my old post comes across this. I have found quite a few species via the search engine, but as this is such a specific topic my most valued finds have come from the direct expertise of others.
Thankyou in advance!
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most recent 11 MAY 14 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 8 MAY 14 by gabriellahirst
My name is Gabriella Hirst, I'm a young Australian artist. I'm doing research into Cultivar flower species crated after or during WWI in commemoration of battles, events and personal of this war period (for example, the Rose 'La Marne'). Although my main focus is WWI, I'm also interested in species named after other wars. Any assistance or pointing in the right direction will be much appreciated!

My email is

Thanks in advance!

Gabriella Hirst
Reply #1 of 8 posted 8 MAY 14 by HMF Admin
[HMF Ed] - Please do not include your email address in your posts as it attracts email spammers to our website. Also, it's not necessary as anyone can respond to your post and you will receive an email notification from us about any response(s). HMF also offers a private mail feature to exchange personal information, like your email address.
Reply #2 of 8 posted 9 MAY 14 by Margaret Furness
A few off the top of my head: Peace (Tea 1902) commemorated the end of the Boer war. K of K (1917) was for Kitchener of Khartoum - infamous rather than famous from an Aus perspective, and others. A foundling in WA may be this rose; it is no longer in commerce in Aus. Three roses were named for Edith Cavell, in 1917 and 1918. Ghislaine de Feligonde (rose named in 1916) was a Belgian heroine, though some claim the story is apocryphal. La Somme, 1919, isn't in Aus as far as I know.
A rose circulated as La Marne in Aus is incorrect.
Reply #3 of 8 posted 9 MAY 14 by HMF Admin
Thank you Margaret. Your many years of participation and sharing of expertise is much valued and appreciated.
Reply #6 of 8 posted 9 MAY 14 by gabriellahirst
Dear Margaret,
This is great! thanks so much, i'm following up all these names now. I'm actually living and working in Paris for the next month, so hopefully I can come across more of these species that are not available in Aus. If you do think of anything else, please let me know and i'll chase them up, it is very much appreciated.
Reply #5 of 8 posted 9 MAY 14 by gabriellahirst
oops sorry!
Reply #4 of 8 posted 9 MAY 14 by Patricia Routley
Being a premium supporter of HelpMeFind (look under Membership) would enable you to do an Advanced search for these roses. I have just scrolled through the years 1902 and 1918 and came up with a few like ‘Pax’ 1918; and ‘Victory’ 1918. But I know you would be able to recognise many more names that I am not familiar with. Then searches for words like Admiral, General, or Marechal would bring up a few. This is a wonderful site to help you find what you are looking for.
Reply #7 of 8 posted 9 MAY 14 by gabriellahirst
Dear Patricia,
Great advice, yes it seems like this is an excellent resource, I have as yet been a little lost on how to really make the most of it, so your comment is very much appreciated. Thankyou very much!
Reply #8 of 8 posted 11 MAY 14 by Margaret Furness
Thanks Admin.
Gabriella, for the record; the rose Legacy recently fanfared in Aus as a new release has been available overseas since 1990, under another name (which currently escapes me). It is horrible under artificial light, in my opinion.
By the way, the word you want is cultivar, not species, which means something different - a wild rose, not a rose-breeder's handiwork.
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most recent 23 AUG 03 SHOW ALL
Initial post 16 JUN 03 by Unregistered Guest
what are the best roses to grow in NL?, which are the most disease free, and which are the most fragrance? Please help me, also I have a rhododendron and the leaves are brown and curled under
please help as i love flowers and don't want to lose any of them
Reply #1 of 1 posted 23 AUG 03 by Clara
A good place to find out which roses grow well in your area is to check out what other gardeners in your area are growing. Go to the Main Page and click on BROSE LISTS. Then Gardens.
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