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Initial post 3 days ago by Patricia Routley
What were this breeder's christian names? We have three mentioned: Walter, L. Wilhelm, and Wilhelm August.
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Initial post 11 days ago by CybeRose
Linnaean Garden - New Proprietors (Oct 1841)
435 Herbemont's Caroline, a light blush climber - Herbemonti
Reply #1 of 1 posted 9 days ago by jedmar
Thank you, Karl!
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Initial post 12 days ago by CybeRose
Wiener illustrirte Garten-Zeitung page 201 (Mai 1891)
Vier neue Sämlingsrosen, ausgestellt durch R. N. Little in New Orleans, und mit Diplom ausgezeichnet sind: Souvenir of Beauvoir House, Miss Winnie Davis, Miss Mildred Lee und Flor-Field.
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Initial post 12 days ago by CybeRose
The American Florist: A Weekly Journal for the Trade vol. 9, no. 280, page 213 (Oct 12, 1893)

A climbing Malmaison has originated as a sport with Mr. R. N. Little of New Orleans, who is an enthusiastic rose grower. The climbing character seems very persistent, while the bloom is a perfect reproduction of the type. Mr. Little has also produced a fine climbing Noisette, which he has named Prof. T. G. Richardson. A number of seedling teas of Mr Little's are now under trial, and will be sent out at an early date. Among them is Winnie Davis, a seedling from Mme. de Watteville, which has received a great deal of praise. It is thought that this variety will be excellent for forcing.
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