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Initial post 11 days ago by Patricia Routley
I am really happy to see many of Warren Millington's roses are now available in Australia through Hannemann Nurseries in Victoria.
Reply #1 of 1 posted 9 days ago by Warren Millington
thanks Pat,its been a hard slog
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Initial post 27 AUG by Darrell
There seems to be a contradiction or error in the category of Breeders under Verdier, Philippe-Victor. The information states that Charles is the younger son (born 1824) and Eugene the elder (born 1827). Either the birth dates are incorrect or the sequence of siblings is incorrect. But Eugene is also called " fils aine", meaning the elder sibling. Also under "Verdier fils aine, Eugene," he is stated to be the elder son but born in 1827. Since several of the quoted sources also state that Eugene is the eldest, the birth dates for one or both brothers seems incorrect.
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Initial post 26 AUG by pminor
Would love to acquire dr baileys roses. Still pics of acadia and marthas. Such beautiful roses. If there is any retail source please post a comment or send me a message. Love the docs roses!!!
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Initial post 10 AUG by CybeRose
Jacob Dieterich & H. W. Turner

Florists’ Review 45(1167): 25 (Apr 8, 1920)
Business sagacity and horticultural skill are well combined in Jacob Dieterich, of Los Angeles, Cal. He was born in Wurttemberg, Germany, in 1867, and gained with Mertz, of Stuttgart, and J. C. Schmidt, of Erfurt, a thorough grounding for his life-work. After two years of landscape work in Switzerland, he came to this country in 1888, not stopping till he reached Los Angeles. There he worked in the first flower store in the city, then called the Central Park Floral Co. Four years after his arrival, he started in business for himself on Wall street. In 1908 he formed a partnership with H. W. Turner, for growing at Montebello, buying out his partner’s interest nine years later. In 1919 he sold his business to Roy F. Wilcox and in the same year bought land at Wintersburg, where he is growing chiefly aspidistras, having a special permit from the government to import large quantities. This year he bought ten acres in the San Fernando valley, much of which he expects to plant to Erica melanthera.
Reply #1 of 3 posted 10 AUG by Patricia Routley
Many thanks Karl. I have added this history to their page.
ps - what does 45(1167) mean? A volume, or No.?
pps - do you prefer Karl or CybeRose?
Reply #2 of 3 posted 11 AUG by CybeRose
I thought it was worth mentioning that the name is Dieterich, rather than Dietrich. I stumbled on this while looking into R. laevigata hybrids.

Once upon a time I collected lots of notes without proper sourcing. Then, of course, I went overboard by recording every little detail, relevant or not. So, 45(1167): 25 means vol. 45, no. 1167, p. 25.

I started using CybeRose years ago when everyone was doing "handles". Now I'm just Karl.
Reply #3 of 3 posted 11 AUG by Patricia Routley
Thank you Karl.
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