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Initial post yesterday by NewDawn
Available from - antique rose emporium
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Initial post yesterday by jedmar
Here is a mystery still to be solved: We have three ramblers 'Francis' listed.
No. 1 from Barbier 1907, documented in their catalogue as R. wichurana Rubra x Crimson Rambler. The bloom is red, yellow stamens, single, in large clusters of 25-50. Several similar references 1910-1936. No photos.
No. 3 is by Hauser 1933: Listed as a hybrid of R, wichurana x Crimson Rambler (like No. 1) Pink , double. Photos with large Clusters of changing tone from gardens and a nursery. Very few references.
No. 2 is by Fauque 1909. Could not find any mention in "Journal des Roses" or "Rosen-Zeitung". Lambert sold it 1914-1938, but the description is that of Barbier's. J├Ąger questioned 1936 whether they are the same. Stevens in 1933 states single and bright pink. Sangerhausen has 'Francis' as from Fauque, but in 1962-1976 had the description of Barbier's plant. Changed it only in 2005 to pink with cream-pink center and semi-double. The photos look like Hauser's 'Francis'.
I tend to believe there was never a 'Francis' by Fauque, as his cultivars were regularly announced in the rose magazines, but 'Francis' was never mentioned. Did Stevens make a mistake by assigning Hauser's rose to Fauque, and others then copied him? Who can find more on Hauser's 'Francis'?
Who can prove one way or other?
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Initial post yesterday by Torachan
Colorific thrives in Zone 5a / 4b Colorado. It is vigorous, consistently pumps out blooms in cool or hot weather and resists rust or black spot. Mine has relatively little scent but it is a fabulous rose.
Reply #1 of 1 posted yesterday by Nastarana
Is your 'Colorific' on own root or root stalk? For my heavy and acid soil that matters. Some hardy roses that thrive in the lighter western soils don't like my clay loam, "Hattie Burton" for example.
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Initial post 2 days ago by HubertG
The 1919 newspaper interview with Clark says that 'Ruby Ring' is "from Stella". Looking at the photos here of 'Stella', I can well believe it.
Reply #1 of 2 posted 2 days ago by jedmar
Yes, and the timing is ok too: If 'Stella' was on or before introduced 1911.
Reply #2 of 2 posted yesterday by Patricia Routley
Parentage added.
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