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most recent 30 JUL 08 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 30 JUL 08 by marrukurli
Our hardware store has seed starter kits still available. I thought to get one or two, and take the seeds from roses to grow. Anyone try this? I have a book that suggests this method, but only for species roses, no seed-growing method for other varieties. Is there any variety of rose this method should not be used for?
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most recent 14 AUG 03 SHOW ALL
Initial post 2 JUL 03 by Unregistered Guest
I have just planted a New Dawn rose this spring. On average, how long does it take to begin climbing an arbor?
Reply #1 of 1 posted 14 AUG 03 by Anonymous-797
I have a large New Dawn that is as old as the hills. It will start to climb the first year. Make sure you have a trellis to train it on. Weave it in and out and cut back the long canes you can do without. They are prolific bloomers and you must keep them cleaned up and cut back for continual blooming.
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most recent 26 JUN 03 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 25 JUN 03 by tandra m. mathis-stokes
i have heard that when a rose has hips on them, they have seeds inside, and the seeds can be planted to grow a new rose bush?
is this true and how is the right way??
i got lots of hips from different roses, and i cut open the hips and there are alot of seeds in each one.
do i let them dry, wait to plant or what???
please some one help me fast!!! i am really excited about trying this!!
Reply #1 of 1 posted 26 JUN 03 by grdnr3
I got some Rosa rugosa seeds from a friend and had great success with them. I believe they were fresh. I just filled some 1/2 gallon pots with a soiless mix, planted the seeds about a half inch deep and kept them moist. Now would be a good time to do it as the warm temps will get them going. Because these are such hardy roses, and I'm in zone 5 I didn't have to worry about winter protection. I do have some 20 bushes now tho, and will have to find them homes. One concern I have is that the birds will have equally as good success with the seeds and l will have rose bushes sprouting up all over the place. You may want to identify the roses before you grow a bunch of them.
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