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How is Attar of Roses made?
Reply #1 of 1 posted 12 MAR 03 by Alex Sutton
[From The Rose Garden, by William Paul, p. 12-13:] the Roses are put into the still, and the water passes over gradually... the Rose-water is placed in a large metal basin, which is covered with wetted muslin tied over to prevent insects or dust getting into it... [this vessel] is allowed to remain quiet during the whole night... The attar is always made at the beginning of the season, when the nights are cool; in the morning early the little film of Attar, which is formed upon the surface od the Rose-water during the night, is removed by means of a feather, and it is then carefully placed in a small phial; and day after day, as the collection is made, it is placed for a short period in the sun; and after a sufficient quantity has been procured it is poured off clear, and the colour of amber, into small phials. Pure Attar when it has been removed only three or four days has a pale greenish hue; by keeping it soon loses this, and in a few weeks' time becomes of a pale yellow... The Attar purchased in the bazaar is generally adulterated, mixed with sandal-oil or sweet-oil. Not even the richest native will give the price at which purest Attar alone can be obtained; and the purest Attar that is made is sold to Europeans... In the process of distillation, six pounds of Rose-leaves are said to be enough to make a gallon of Rose-water...
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