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Initial post 12 MAR 03 by Unregistered Guest
What breeders are in The Netherlands?
Reply #1 of 1 posted 11 JUL 03 by Alex Sutton
Hels, our correspondent from The Netherlands, tells us this about The Netherlands and its roses and rose breeders: This is a real flower country. On every street corner, you can buy a bunch of cut flowers. Each city has at least three nurseries which sell garden roses. Here, you can buy a container rose for half the price you'd pay in the States -- a bare root rose is even cheaper at one-third the price. Unfortunately, this means that you can't really earn a living by only hybridizing garden roses. So, many either hybridize florist roses or work with other types of plants in addition to roses. Hybridizers like Interplant, De Ruiter, and Lammerts don't have much contact with the general public -- most of the time they work with intermediate traders like exporters, wholesalers or nurseries. Most of those who breed roses don't grow them for production -- they use contract growers for that purpose. Quite often, this is also the case in other countries like Belgium, France, Germany, Israel, and South Africa, for instance.

[From The Old Rose Informant, by Brent C. Dickerson, p. 25:] Up until [c. 1818], Holland had maintained its supremacy [in rose breeding], though the Provins [Gallica] roses were pretty nearly the only ones they grew.
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