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Initial post yesterday by Michael Garhart
Out of all the red roses that line the highway into the PDX Airport, this was the only one that looked good. They had Flower Carpet Red, Knock Out, and a few others. Hard to make some out. Oh, they had a few La Sevillana that had no foliage from blackspot lol.

Up close, Scarlet Meidiland is very displeasing. It looks like plastic and has tiny blooms like little grapes. The foliage also looks like plastic and the architecture is arching. Its displeasing to look at. But in a mass landscape, Scarlet Meidiland looks good. The bright red can be seen forever and it has a high degree of weather tolerance.

Red Drift is similar on a smaller scale, but the red is less bright and the petals are more open. It honestly looks like a red dianthus from far away.

I think Golden Eye for basic red and Miracle on the Hudson for dark red are the best so far. I have seen Screaming Neon, but the blooms are too sparse. I have seen Cherry Bonica but the color is flat. My Hero is a cute rose, but its hard to see from afar, which beats the purpose.

Anyway, thoughts from having the misery of dealing with an airport yesterday.
Reply #1 of 1 posted today by Jay-Jay
Good info and advice Michael.
Unlike Scarlet Meidiland Oh Wow! looks terrible from further away... the plant as well as the flowers. But looking closer the flowers are very photogenic and every flower differs from the others.
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Initial post yesterday by Andrew from Dolton
A bright pink sport on 'Paul Crampel'.
Reply #1 of 4 posted yesterday by Patricia Routley
Looks good. I note some dates
1930 ‘Paul Crampel’
1967 ‘Camping’ pink blend sport of ‘Paul Crampel’
2019 ‘Glamping’ is my weak suggestion for an appropriate name for this bright pink modern sport.
Reply #2 of 4 posted today by Andrew from Dolton
Interesting. I always wanted to name a rose Irene Elsie after my grandmother but she was very much a floribunda/hybrid-tea rose grower and would not have understood the appeal of a rose like this. The sport is larger growing with bigger flower clusters than 'Paul Crampel' and I thinking 'Glamping' would suit it well.
Reply #3 of 4 posted today by Patricia Routley
Am glad you like it Andrew. It was just a bit of silly fun to lighten the day.
Reply #4 of 4 posted today by Jay-Jay
Glamping sounds to me better than the in Canada heard term: "Trailer Trash".
A nice finding Andrew!
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Initial post yesterday by jedmar
Do you know the breeder code for 'Agnes Baltsa'? TAN....
Reply #1 of 1 posted today by MMastnak
Tha breeder's code in not nown to me. The rose is marketed in Austria by Baumschule Starkl, A-3361 Aschbach.
Both names are Austrian (Opernball-Rose and Agnes Baltsa - an opera singer in Viennna). It might a cultivar for Austrian inland us or only a name for Austrian inland use.

This is a Czech source about the rose:

It is a great cut rose because of a splended perfume.
With kind regards,
M. Mastnak
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Initial post today by Patricia Routley
The photo below from the 2002 Historic Rose Journal, No. 24 front cover, carried the caption on p1.
"One of three very 0ld China roses growing in the garden at Hex, this is thought to be R. indica rubra. Photo Milton Nurse."
Does anybody know what the rose turned out to be?
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