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Initial post today by Zone7ABQ
Available from - K and M Roses
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Initial post yesterday by jedmar
Great finds!
Reply #1 of 1 posted today by CybeRose
Sometimes I just get lucky.
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Initial post yesterday by AquaEyes
Could this possibly be 'Captain Hayward'?


Reply #1 of 1 posted today by Nastarana
Here is the description from High Country Roses

very hardy climber grown near Jensen, Utah since the
1920’s, the blooms are full, deep pink to cherry
red and fragrant. The massive early summer display
is followed by occasional repeat bloom and large
hips. The sturdy canes can reach up to 15 feet in
Zone 5!

Hattie Burton was a pioneer who settled in
Jensen, Utah in 1888 where she and her husband
operated a ferry boat on the Green River. She
passed the rose on to family members who have
given pieces of it to many rose growers in this

In my zone 5 garden, HB produced one flower and then grew backwards before giving up the ghost entirely. Maybe it didn't like heavy soil, having lived for decades in the lighter soils of Colorado.




Hattie Burton

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Initial post yesterday by Patricia Routley
Member Saintourist has said in a Photo Comment:
"this rose found in Vietnam with the name Old Rose 'Bạch Trà' , meaning: White Tea. No one know when it came to Vietnam. People use it to flavor tea."

This is a most exciting find. How did who decide that the rose was in fact the polyantha ''Princesse Wilhelmine des Pays-Bas' 1886? Had the name been passed down through family records? From the two photos, It certainly looks correct. However there was also a china rose called 'White Tea' from 1821. The style of flowering should tell.
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