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Sunfire is a burnt orange, not yellow blending to orange
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Initial post today by scvirginia
The photo caption says 'Charlotte Wolter oder Victor Verdier'—does that mean they aren't sure which rose is depicted, or that the photo has a bloom of each rose? Any thoughts?
Reply #1 of 1 posted today by CybeRose
My guess is that the two varieties were so similar (at least in regards to flower form) that the picture would serve for either.

In another case, I saw the same photo used in different publications for three different Burbank roses. Same ancestry and form, but differing in color.
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Initial post today by Cambridgelad
Rose Listing Omission

Small Talk

Small Talk is a miniature rose that was bred by Gordon Kirkham and was introduced in 2013 by C & K Jones, who still sell it. It has soft pink flowers with a little fragrance.

Website of C. & K. Jones
Find That Rose by Angela Pawsey
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Initial post 10 MAY 13 by Mike Gleason's Rose Gardens
To the breeder's daughter & grandson;
I misplaced your number, but the good news is I have a plant ready for you. My number is on my front page.
Reply #1 of 1 posted today by tbertocci
Hi, Mike! That was me from 7 years ago and still looking for Apache Tears! I'm sorry I missed this from so long ago and that you had a plant ready to go. Can we try again? Email:
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