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Initial post today by Johno
Can we please review the stated height (10'' to 1', 25 to 30cms) of this climbing miniature. As a pillar it will grow to six feet.
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Initial post today by Bug_girl
Pretty sure I received this one as a bagged rose. The label said “Life of the Party” but I think it is really Peachy Knockout. It is definitely not Life of the Party.I will say that whatever this rose is, it has laughed in the face of triple digit temperatures (F) and low water. Blooms everywhere! They really flatten and reflex, taking an almost quill shape in the super heat.

Does anyone know if this rose is fragrant?
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Initial post 19 AUG 19 by styrax
How is blackspot resistance for this rose on the East Coast of the US?
Reply #1 of 4 posted 25 OCT by Elestrial's Garden
It's excellent - I don't spray and it doesn't have any black spot. 6b Pennsylvania here
Reply #2 of 4 posted 4 days ago by steve fritz
It contracts blackpot in my eastern North Carolina garden unless I spray regularly. It is robust and tries to grow through it. A powerhouse flower producer with great scent. The best white on the market.
Reply #3 of 4 posted today by MADActuary
One could argue with that Steve. Have you tried Clouds of Glory and Soft Whisper ((not to mention Moonstone, Marlon's Day and Randy Scott)? I prefer these two over PJPII and I grow two bushes of each. COG is not quite as fragrant but grows better with longer, straighter stems and gives me more good blooms. Soft Whisper is equal in fragrance and a sturdy upright grower. The other three are really good exhibition varieties. I like PJPII but can't agree it's the best white on the market.
Reply #4 of 4 posted today by steve fritz
I also own Soft Whisper. It is more susceptible to disease than JPII and not as fragtrant. Nor does it produce near the number of blooms. Nor is it white. And my comment concered John Paul II being the best white rose.

I am not familar with Clouds of Glory. It may be wonderful. But I am getting rid of my Soft Whisper this year and hanging on to my John Paul II.

It is pollen and seed fertile, but does both reluctantly. Soft Whisper is better at setting seeds than JPII.

Of course, we can only speak from limited experience and from our own gardens.
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Initial post yesterday by Michael Garhart
Rose Listing Omission


A spray rose bred by the floral industry of VIP Roses. VIP Roses seems to be a collection of a director, co-director, and assistant breeder (son of co-director) in terms of breeder. They an up and coming breeding company that should probably be added.

'Brideside' averages 2.5" for bloom size. It is bright white and a large red eye zone. The mature height is an average of 4' tall. There is no synonym or codename. It has about 20 petals. Typical conical form, opening to a flat, rounded shape.

It has been replaced by the possibly related 'Shiraz' by the same breeder, so 'Brideside' VIP Roses listing is no longer present.

I have personally tested the rose against downy mildew, and it is more resistant to it than most garden roses. Unfortunately, VIP Roses are not ARS registered and easy to look up, but they have been flooding the North American retail garden market since 2023, and it seems to be progressing. Due to the fact that they are florist roses bred to tolerate cooler, non-chemical conditions than typical greenhouse conditions, gardeners are discovering them.
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