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'La Lorraine' peony References
Book  (Jan 2000)  Page(s) 237.  
La Lorraine Hybrid Tree Peony (Lemoine 1913). A double pink hybrid
Article (magazine)  (Jan 1955)  Page(s) 58.  
Alphabetical Check List of Tree Peony Names In  Public Collections And/or Available in Nurseries 1954-1955Lutea hybrid, Yellow, 'La Lorraine' (Lem. 1913), [Gardens] Scott Foundation, University of Washington Arboretum, Whitnal Park Botanical Gardens, [Nurseries] Cottage Gardens, Oberlin Peony Gardens, Tingle Nursery Company
Article (magazine)  (Jan 1955)  Page(s) 24.  
By Victor and Emile Lemoine, Double - very heavy...
'La Lorraine,' ( 1913 ). Flowered 1904, exhibited, Paris, 1909.
Website/Catalog  (1940)  
La Lorraine (L.) Soft sulphur yellow with a salmon tinge when opening, the Color becoming lighter and pure when fully expanded. Imported novelty being a cross between Paeonia lutea and moutan
Magazine  (1920)  Page(s) 194.  
P. “La Lorraine” Lemoine & F ils, Cat. No. 182, tab. (1912). — Gard. Chron. ser. 3, Lvii. 56, 68, tab. col. (1915). This new hybrid was raised by V. Lemoine & Fils, of Nancy ...
Book  (1917)  Page(s) 113-114.  
Two recent hybrids of P. lutea and P. moutan offer much of interest and beauty, though not as early flowering as either parent...... P. La Lorraine, sent out in 1912, also by Lemoine, has a very full globular bloom, about six inches across, regular in outline and of a buff tone passing to golden yellow. It gained high honours in France and was awarded the First Class Certificate — a recognition of great merit—by the English Royal Horticultural Society in 1912. It was one of the most startling novelties introduced into England in that year. This variety is not offered as yet in this country.
Magazine  (1915)  Page(s) 56.  
Paeony La Lorraine was first exhibited at the Ghent International Exhibition in April, 1913, and the unusual colouring of the flower at once attracted notice. The variety is a distinct break in Tree Paeonies, for although these flowers exhibit many and various tints, there was none previous to La Lorraine that could be termed yellow. It is a hybrid between the herbaceous species Paeonia lutea (see Gard. Chron., July 19, 1908...Illust.) and the tree Peony P. Moutan.
Magazine  (24 May 1913)  Page(s) 371.  
Peony La Lorraine was the most conspicious new plant at the great Ghent International Exhibition held from April 26 to May 4, and was raised and exhibited by Messrs, V. Lemoine and Sons, Nancy, France.
Magazine  (1912)  Page(s) 280.  
La Lorraine
Magazine  (1912)  Page(s) 466.  
....les anciennes Pivoines en arbre (P. Moutan Sims), la Lorraine el l'Espérance, curieuses formes jaune citrin, trouvées en môme temps que deux autres qu'obtenait le Muséum, établissement qui avait le premier reçu lesdites Pivoines de l'Extrême Orient et en fait part à V. Lemoine.
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