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Musk Rose
[[See References under R. arvensis for more information.]

[From Climbing Roses, by Stephen Scanniello, p. 14:] The musk rose holds an important place in the history of climbing roses. Before the nineteenth century it was one of the few roses that could be used as a climber; although it is not commonly cultivated today, its blood lives on in the Noisettes, a class of rose that originated from the accidental crossing of a China rose and a musk rose.

[From Growing Old-Fashioned Roses, by Trevor Nottle, p. 21: Musk Roses are] a race of roses bred in England by the Reverend Joseph Pemberton between 1912 and 1939 with the expressed aim of obtaining roses which would provide a continuous and bountiful display of bloom for the garden on bushes that were free growing and healthy. The good Reverend also held fragrance to be of great import...

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