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'Centifolia Variegata' rose References
Newsletter  (Feb 2020)  Page(s) 13.  
[From "A Raise Eyebrow for Striped Roses", by Darrell g.h. Schramm, pp. 13-18]
‘Centifolia Variegata’ is a creamy white rose laced with pale, subtle pink stripes and lines. A very double, delicate flower, it proves highly fragrant, very vigorous, and very prickly. It grows three to five feet high by four feet wide and is given to suckering. Apparently, sometimes it reverts to the common R x centifolia. Its quizzical nature lies in its name, since it is also called ‘Cottage Maid’, ‘Village Maid’, and six other names. Why? An earlier ‘Centifolia Variegata’ was painted by Redouté in Les Roses, which may be the same Rosa provincialis variegata published in the 1775 book The English Flora by Richard Weston. But this one is from the hand of Jean-Pierre Vibert in 1839.
Website/Catalog  (28 Jul 2011)  Includes photo(s).
Rosa ‘Village Maid’
Gallica rose.  Catherine Gore describes it as a large, semi-double flower, white, striped with deep pink or cherry red.  William Paul gives a similar description, white flowers striped with rose and purple, large and full and pendulous, on a low-growing bush.  [Gore, Paul (1848, 1863, 1888, 1903)].
The illustration used here is from the Floricultural Cabinet. This publication was cheaply produced and the colours often untrue. The reason for the blue rose depicted is probably loss of the red component of the purple paint used, either from bleeding into the opposite page, which isn't obvious, or from selective fading of pigment.
 Horticultural & Botanical History
Some modern authors, including Thomas, have described ‘Rosa Gallica Versicolor’ as being synonymous with ‘Village Maid’, but Thomas Rivers considers it to be distinct from ‘Rosa Gallica Versicolor’, or ‘Rosa Mundi’ of some, in fact a descendant of this rose: ‘Our Village Maid or La Villageoise, now an old variety, was one of the oldest proceeds from the above (‘Rosa Gallica Versicolor’); this is now a well-known and, in some seasons, a very beautiful striped rose.’  [Rivers (1854, 1857, 1863)].
‘We received a specimen of this very beautiful and highly fragrant striped Rose, in June last, from Mr. W. Roger, of the Southampton Nursery, which he informs us he purchased from the collection of a French florist, under the name of “Village Maid”. The blossoms are entirely double, and it is totally different from the York and Lancaster, the one being a Province, the other a Damask Rose. Mr. Roger says, “if you devote a whole page to exhibit the drawing of this rose, it will then only convey a very faint idea, indeed, of its beauty, the magnificent appearance of the large full headed plant worked as a standard has drawn forth the admiration of all who have seen it.”’ [FC p.192/1834].
History at Camden Park
‘Village Maid’ arrived from Veitch’s Nursery, Chelsea on Dec, 31st, 1859 on board the ‘Hollinside’ but dead on arrival.  For more detail see Rosa ‘Ducher’.  This rose was planted in the gardens much earlier than 1859 as ‘Rosa Mundi’ is recorded as being received per ‘Sovereign’ in February 1831 [MP A2948].  Plants of ‘Rosa Mundi’ were also presented to the Sydney Botanic Gardens by William Macarthur in December 1845 [RBGS AB].
Website/Catalog  (27 Jul 2011)  
Rosa Domitelle Becor’
Centifolia rose.  It was described as a Provins rose in a report of a visit to William Paul’s Nursery at Cheshunt, and in Les Plus Belles Roses au début du XXe Siécle.  The flowers are large, full, cupped, light pink striped with white, on a vigorous bush.  Paul describes its flowers as bright pink.  [Paul (1863), Amat, Gard. Chron 1853].
Horticultural & Botanical History
Introduced before 1853.  There are many synonyms, mostly relating to the language use, e.g. ‘Dominic Becardo’.
History at Camden Park
Included in a handwritten list of roses dated 1861, probably intended for a new edition of the catalogue that was never printed.  [MP A2943].
Book  (2000)  Page(s) 152.  Includes photo(s).
‘Centifolia variegata’/’Belle des Jardins’/’Belle Villageoise’/’Cottage Maid’/’Dometille Beccard’/’La Rubanée’/Rosa x centifolia variegata/’Village Maid’: Centifolia. Il s’est naturalisé en plusieurs régions de Nouvelle-Zélande, où il se passe de jardinier depuis bientôt 80 ans. Vibert, France, 1845... floraison opulente en juin… gros fruits ronds.
Book  (Apr 1999)  Page(s) 36.  
Belle Villageosie ('Belle Rubine', 'La Rubanée') (synonyms for 'Belle Villageosie': 'Panaché Double', 'Village Maid') Gallica. Vibert, 1839. Translation: "Beautiful Village Maid". The author cites information from different sources... white, striped with rose and purple...
Book  (Mar 1999)  Page(s) 107, 121.  
Page 107: possibly a synonym for 'Village Maid' (see her discussion this page)... Vibert (France) 1845. Description. Irregular and varied stripes of white, lilac, and light crimson. 'La Rubanée' (covered with ribbons)... Also called 'Gallique Panachée'.
Page 121: Vibert, France, 1839. Description
Book  (1997)  Page(s) 154, 155.  Includes photo(s).
Page 154: [Photo]
Page 155: Centifolia. ('Village Maid', 'Belle des Jardins', 'La Rubanee', R. centifolia variegata) Vibert (France) 1845. Description and vital statistics. Soft, off-white blooms liberally streaked and striped with pink... In [Beales'] experience it occasionally produces the odd bloom in late summer.
Book  (Mar 1994)  Page(s) 25.  Includes photo(s).
Photograph shows a slight mottling in the bud, which later blends in...
Book  (Apr 1993)  Page(s) 45, 83, 625.  
Page 45: Gallica (OGR), mauve, 1872, ('Village Maid' x Seedling); Guillot Fils. Flowers purplish violet-red, variegated carmine, striped white, dbl.; vigorous growth
Page 83: Centifolia Variegata (R. centifolia variegata; 'Belle Villageois'; 'Cottage Maid') Centifolia, white, striped with pale lilac pink. Original name and date unknown.
Page 625: Village Maid Gallica, white, striped pink and purple, Description. ('Belle Rubine'; 'La Belle Villageoise'; 'La Rubanée'; 'La Villigeoise'; 'Panachée Double'); Prior to 1829.
Book  (1988)  Page(s) 141.  
location 118/3, 143/2; R. centifolia 'Variegata' hort, 'BELLE DES JARDINS', 'VILLAGE MAID', GALLICANAE, Angers (France), ca. 1845, cream white, striped red, very double, fragrant, medium-large, vigorous, upright, 1-1.5 m, branched, medium-dark green large matte foliage, 3-5 leaflets
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