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'Crimson Glory' rose References
Book  (2008)  Page(s) 61.  
Wilhelm Kordes II, 'Crimson Glory' (1935) This hybrid tea has velvety dark red blooms. Its excellent fragrance is a sure characteristic. She was the sensation in 1935, as there was not such a dark red hybrid tea with this fragrance at the time. Well double blooms with up to 30 petals develop from long, elegant buds. Growth wide bushy with slightly drooping blooms...50 to 70 cm.
Book  (2002)  Page(s) 36.  
Crimson Glory Rated 6.9
Book  (2000)  Page(s) 185.  Includes photo(s).
Crimson Glory: Hybride de Thé. Longs boutons effilés… grandes fleurs veloutées, rouge cramoisi profond… belle régularité de juin aux gelées… coeur turbiné, puis s’ouvre en coupe ronde… parfum de rose de Damas très puissant… robuste buisson à port légèrement étalé, au feuillage sombre et ferme… Très épineux… assez sensibles à l’oïdium… Kordes 1935
Book  (Dec 1998)  Page(s) 185.  Includes photo(s).
Crimson Glory Large-Flowered/Hybrid Tea. Description... For many years 'Crimson Glory' was the most reliable dark red Large-flowered Rose available... large, deep velvety crimson blooms that emerge from long, pointed buds... 30 petals...
Book  (Sep 1997)  Page(s) 118.  
Crimson Glory was regarded as a milestone in the breeding of roses when it was introduced in 1935. It was the first deep crimson, velvety bush of real quality and represented a considerable advance on all its predecessors... it became recognized as the outstandingly fragrant rose for more than a decade and was used by nearly all the world's rose breeders...
Book  (Mar 1995)  Page(s) 1-2.  Includes photo(s).
Crimson Glory Description and cultivation tips... the greatest red hybrid tea of its time... a dark crimson red, classically formed, with as luxurious a damask fragrance as you will find in a modern rose...
Book  (Nov 1993)  Page(s) 44.  Includes photo(s).
Book  (Sep 1993)  Page(s) 132, 137.  Includes photo(s).
Page 132: [Photo]
Page 137: [and Photo] Crimson Glory Large-flowered. Wilhelm Kordes 1935. Parentage: 'Katherine Kordes' seedling x 'W.E. Chaplin'. Description... when it was introduced it was hailed as the finest red rose, ever... a most important parent...
Book  (Apr 1993)  Page(s) 117.  
Hybrid Tea, dark red, 1935, 'Cathrine Kordes' seedling x 'W.E. Chaplin'; Kordes; Dreer; J&P. Bud long, pointed; flowers deep velvety crimson, double (30 petals), cupped, large; very fragrant (damask); foliage leathery; vigorous, bushy, spreading growth. Gold Medal, National Rose Society of Great Britain (now Royal National Rose Society), 1936; James Alexander Gamble Rose Fragrance Medal, 1961
Book  (Feb 1993)  Page(s) 180.  Includes photo(s).
Crimson Glory Large-flowered hybrid tea. Parentage: 'Catherine Kordes' seedling x 'W.E. Chaplin'. Germany 1935. Description. Flowers: velvety deep crimson...
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