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'Cuthbert Grant' rose References
Book  (2012)  Page(s) 102.  
Cuthbert Grant. Dark red. 15-20 [petals]. 36". Repeat.
A Parkland rose. A suffulta hybrid. Spreading. A nice rose, but very slow growing. Lovely, 4-inch (10 cm) flowers with varying fragrance and purplish red coloration. Expect no more than two good flushes of bloom. Lush glossy, light green foliage, susceptible to black spot. Not as hardy as often claimed, but generally crown hardy. Cover the crown with potting soil and a thick layer of whole leaves in the far north (listed as zone 3 hardy, more likely zone 4).
Book  (2000)  Page(s) 187.  
‘Cuthbert Grant’ = Arbuste… vigoureux buisson à port dressé, au feuillage brillant, insensible aux grands froids. See ref Botanica's Roses… Marshall, Canada, 1967.
Book  (Dec 1998)  Page(s) 187.  
Cuthbert Grant Modern Shrub. Marshall (Canada) 1967. Parentage: ('Crimson Glory' x 'Assiniboine') x 'Assiniboine'. Description... deep purplish red, semi-double, large, cupped blooms...
Book  (1997)  Page(s) 290, 291.  Includes photo(s).
Page 290: Cuthbert Grant Modern Shrub. Canada 1967. Description... Sizeable, almost double deep red flowers with a hint of purple, cupped and fragrant...
Page 291: [Photo]
Article (magazine)  (1992)  Page(s) 1070.  
Published in HortScience (1992) vol. 27, pp. 1070 ff.
The parentage of Cuthbert Grant is: 18 x Assiniboine
parentage of 18: Crimson Glory x 08
parentage of 08: Donald Prior x R. arkansana
Therefore the combined parentage of Cuthbert Grant is:
[Crimson Glory x (Donald Prior x R. arkansana)] x Assiniboine
Note: Assiniboine and 08 are products of the same cross, Donald Prior x R. arkansana
Newsletter  (1982)  Page(s) 43.  
Rosa 'Cuthbert Grant'
Article (misc)  (11 Oct 1968)  
Correspondence from Henry Marshall to Walter Schowalter:
Thank you for the report on Cuthbert Grant rose. When I saw your article in the Prairie Garden I thought you would be interested in this new variety. I am enclosing the description we prepared for distribution. As you will note, one of its parents was Crimson Glory. This was pollinated with a sibling of Assiniboine and the resulting seedling was crossed to Assiniboine. In the first cross from Crimson Glory care was taken to use a plant that was an actual hybrid. Some non-hybrids are usually obtained from such crosses. While they may be good roses, they could not carry any character of the supposed male parent.
Book  (1968)  Page(s) 149.  
Cuthbert Grant Hybrid suffulta. Dark red. (H. H. Marshall; int. Research Branch, Canada Dept. of Agriculture '67) [Crimson Glory x (Donald Prior x R. arkansana)] x Assiniboine. Large to medium ovoid buds. Large, cupped, semi-double blooms borne singly and several together. ...Slight fragrance. Abundant glossy normal green large foliage. Very vigorous, bushy growth. Free, intermittent blooming.
Article (misc)  (1967)  
Horticultural Introductions 1967. Research Station, Brandon, Manitoba:
Rose Cuthbert Grant (58180901) 1967. (Crimson Glory x (Donald Prior x r. arkansana) ) x Assiniboine. This vigorous rose grows to 3 feet in height. Foliage is large and clean. Large blossoms are borne in clusters of 3 - 6 on new growth in July and late summer. They are dark red in color with 15 firm petals. At Brandon the tops winterkill but regrowth is rapid from the lower stems. Softwood cuttings root freely.
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