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"Second Street 'Not Dijon'" rose Reviews & Comments
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Initial post 10 NOV 16 by Diana B
Does anyone happen to know who or what E. Veyrath Hermanos was? I like to know something about the person or event that prompted the hybridizer to name a rose after him/her/it. Thanks!
Reply #1 of 3 posted 17 APR 19 by Margaret Furness
See By Any Other Name March 19, on the World Federation of Rose Societies website, for an article on the rose and the Veyrat Brothers nursery, for which it was named.
Reply #2 of 3 posted 17 APR 19 by Diana B
Thank you so much, Margaret!
Reply #3 of 3 posted 18 APR 19 by Patricia Routley
And thank you Margaret from me too. I’ve added that as a reference.
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Initial post 22 AUG 11 by sam w
Indeed, it does ball badly in wet weather, but it seems to do better as it gets older (or have our springs simply been dryer--I don't think so . . .). But it is one of those problematic roses I persist with because when it is good it is so very good--fragrant, profusely blooming, and healthy as can be. I doubt if I would put it in a prominent place in my garden or if I would keep it if I had a smaller garden. Still, I have grown quite attached to it. It is an old friend whose vices I tolerate for love of his virtues.
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Initial post 21 MAY 11 by anerpolytropos
E. Veyrat Hermanos, cl T. The rose evidently does very well indeed on a wall at the Heritage rose firm in California. Mine was rather slow at the start but after 3 years has occupied the top of an arbor in my garden, and now is being led from there to a tree. Growth is fine, flowering is not. It balls constantly, only exceptionally opening very fine golden yellow flowers with cerise or other pink touches. Some have been reasonably large, others of middle-size. It scarcely blooms the rest of the year at all. This reticence to open has me puzzled, since it is hot but humid here in Richmond Va. during the summer. However, somehow I picked up a small book of 131 pages titled "The National Rose Society. The Society's Official Catalogue of Roses. 1913 edition. Compiled by a committee of the Society, Proof copy for notes and corrections," Croyden 1913. Roses are given name, class, breeder, year, and disappointingly few notes on culture. This copy belonged to the English breeder and nurseryman of roses George Paul the younger in Cheshunt, England; each page is faced by a blank page for editors' comments; its owner made none, unfortunately. Paul's father of the same name had died in mid-19th cent., and the sad thing about this edition of 1913 is that in the next year England plunged into an avoidable WWI in which she saw a generation of Englishmen massacred.
The rose is vigorous and trouble free, though it blackspots somewhat; it seems winter-hardy here, where temperatures seldom drop below 32 degrees F. My trouble with Hermanos was explained the on p. 31: "Best against a wall." Mine isn't. Full sun and growth in good air-circulation is not enough. I'll leave it until fall, then give it away (2011) if it doesn't perform in the interim. Unfortunately I have no convenient wall where it might thrive in the future.
Reply #1 of 2 posted 21 MAY 11 by jedmar
Our E. Veyrat Hermanos froze down to the ground this winter, but is now producing several new canes.
Reply #2 of 2 posted 22 MAY 11 by Margaret Furness
In my garden, zone 9b, mediterranean climate, it balls all spring. The autumn blooms are wonderful, but whether they repay the plant's looking disgusting in spring is a matter of debate. But see the spring photo from Sacramento.
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Initial post 21 JAN 09 by anonymous-222376
Available from - Vivaio Le Rose Paola Lungaroni Orvieto,Italy
Reply #1 of 1 posted 23 JAN 09 by jedmar
Thank you, we have added "Vivaio Le Rose" to the nursery listing. It is nice to see that Branchi has now a successor!
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