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'Éblouissant' rose References
Book  (Apr 1993)  Page(s) 150.  
Eblouissant. Polyantha, dark red, 1918, Seedling x 'Cramoisi Superieur'; Turbat. Description.
Book  (Jun 1992)  Page(s) 244.  
Éblouissant (translation, 'Dazzling') Polyantha. Turbat, 1918. Parentage: 'Bengale Rose' (?) x 'Cramoisi Supérieur'. [Author cites information from different sources.]
Book  (1990)  Page(s) 128.  
Eblouissant 1918. Flowers: deep crimson-scarlet with a light scent...
Book  (1989)  Page(s) 55.  
Ralph S. Moore,  Miniature Roses, A Look at Tomorrow.
What about growing some of these old roses today?  This is where the people of Heritage Roses can not only play a part in preserving some long lost beauty from becoming extinct but, most important, can make these roses available to breeders.  Just to cite an example.  Many years ago I had used a little red polyantha called 'Eblouissant'  (Turbat, 1918) in my breeding.  Out of these crosses came two roses which became important parents.  I thought that 'Eblouissant' had long ago disappeared from the earth.  Imagine my delight when a man called me from Canada to tell me that a friend had instructed him to send me two rooted cuttings of this rose.  Now I plan to reintroduce 'Eblouissant' into the miniatures.  
Book  (1966)  Page(s) 90.  
J. L. Harkness. Older Roses Worth Growing. Polyanthas., 'Eblouissant' 1918. A delightful low grower, neat, clean and cheerfully red. There is much china influence here. Possibly form and fragrance are the weak spots, but it is well worth 64 points.
Book  (1958)  Page(s) 96.  
Eblouissant. Pol. (Turbat, '18.) ? X Cramoisi Supérieur. Very dbl., globular, slightly fragrant, dazzling deep red; cluster. Fol. bronzy, glossy.
Article (misc)  (1954)  Page(s) 43.  
Éblouissant 14 chromosomes.
Magazine  (Jun 1948)  Page(s) 2. trimester, p. 21.  
Eblouissant, Rosa chinensis X Cramoisi supérieur; Très double, rouge, foncé éblouissant, feuillage bronzé luisant, convient pour l'hybridation.
Website/Catalog  (1939)  Page(s) 86.  
Rosiers Polyantha remontants nains. (Dits Multiflores.) ...  Eblouissant Fleur grande, pleine. Coloris rouge foncé brillant. Très remontant.
Website/Catalog  (1938)  Page(s) 44.  
Polyantha and their Hybrids (Dwarf Bedding Types)
No pruning necessary except to remove the past season's flower stems.
Eblouissant... Brilliant deep velvety red. Very floriferous. Fine. Introduced 1918.
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