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'Ormiston Roy' rose References
Book  (Nov 1994)  Page(s) 113.  
'Ormiston Roy' Doorenbos, Holland, 1938. 'Allard' x R. pimpinellifolia. Mr. Doorenbos tells me that this rose of his often produces blooms late in the summer as well as at the normal time. It appeared in the F2 generation and was named after a friend in Montreal. The well-formed, clear yellow single flowers are beautifully veined. Large black-maroon heps and pedicels. Compact habit, about 4 feet. It is a parent of 'Golden Wings'...
Book  (Apr 1993)  Page(s) 426.  
Ormiston Roy Shrub, deep yellow, single, 1953, R. spinosissima x R. xanthina; Doorenbos. Description.
Book  (1983)  Page(s) 163.  
[Disputed Origins by A. V. Roberts]
'Ormiston Roy' is commonly thought to be a hybrid between Rosa spinosissima and R. xanthina, and is listed as such in Modern Roses 8. As R. spinosissima is tetraploid with 28 chromosomes, and R. xanthina is diploid, with 14 chromosomes, a first generation hybrid between these would be triploid, with 21 chromosomes. I found it to have 28 chromosomes.
Book  (1981)  Page(s) 384.  
Ormiston Roy H Spn. (Doorenbos, 1953) R. pimpinellifolia x R. xanthina Canary yellow, medium, single, non-recurrent; growth bushy, 1 m x 3.3 ft; foliage small. [cited reference: Graham Stuart Thomas's Shrub Roses Of Today.]
Book  (1969)  Page(s) 289.  
Ormiston Roy shrub. Doorenbos '53. R. spinosissima x R. xanthina Large, single, deep yellow. Bushy (3 ft.); non-recurrent bloom.
Book  (1959)  Page(s) 242.  
'Ormiston Roy' (Doorenbos) - R. pimpinellifolia x xanthina, afwijkend: ook borstels aanwezig; blaadjes 7-9, scherp gezaagd, kaal; bloemen tot 7 cm doorsnede, enkel, lichtgeel, met donkerder midden; orig. ± 1935-N.

'Ormiston Roy' (Doorenbos) - R. pimpinellifolia x xanthina, sometimes with bristles; 7-9 leaflets, strongly serrated, glabrous; blooms up to 7 cm in diameter, single, light yellow, with darker center; orig. ± 1935-N.
Magazine  (1955)  Page(s) 531.  
Plants to which awards have been made in 1955
....Rose 'Ormiston Roy' AM June 14, 1955. A form of Rosa spinosissima with single Canary Yellow (HCC 2/2) flowers nearly 3 inches across borne singly or two together. The leaf has seven sharply serrate deep green leaflets.
Magazine  (1954)  Page(s) 192.  
The Royal Horticultural Society had to cancel its show, fixed for June 14 and 15, because of the railway strike...There was another Rosa spinosissima hybrid from T. Hilling and Co. named Ormiston Roy. This received an AM but somehow I missed the plant in the crowded committee room, so can only report that it is described as a large, single yellow rose.
Book  (1954)  Page(s) 193.  
Ormiston Roy - A hybrid, R. spinosissima X R. xanthina that produces large, single, deep yellow flowers. Origin uncertain.
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