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'America' rose References
Book  (11 Jun 1993)  Page(s) 68.  
Parentage unknown. Introduced by Paul and Son (England) 1895. Description... This is a rugosa hybrid sent from the Arnold Arboretum in 1892 to the nursery Paul & Son... large purple-crimson blossoms...
Book  (1990)  Page(s) 103.  
America W. Paul (1894)... The large flowers are almost single and coloured a pretty carmine-pink...
Magazine  (Apr 1938)  Page(s) 8.  
Rosa america Hort. W. Paul 1894. H. Rug. Hauteur : 1 m., gros bois dressé, acicules très serrées, fleurs moyennes, cramoisi brillant en mai-juin.
Book  (1936)  Page(s) 19.  
America (hybrid rugosa) W. Paul 1894 [Harvard University Garden]; glossy and bright carmine-pink, large, opens; ovoid fruit, ribbed lengthwise, growth 5/10. Sangerhausen
Magazine  (Jul 1930)  Page(s) 90.  
Hybrides de R.rugosa ....América. — Haward University, Garden 1894, fl. simple, cramoisi brillant, fruit allongé, rouge.
Book  (1910)  Page(s) 275.  
America large single crimson-lake flowers; large ovate fruit, often covered with long spines.
Book  (1900)  Page(s) 108.  
Groupe 12 - Rugueux du Japon...
1936. America (G. Paul 1893) carmin
Magazine  (1895)  Page(s) 75.  
Forms and hybrids of Rosa rugosa
Mr. Court Marshall v. St. Paul in Fischbach collects all rose varieties with rugosa blood. Following varieties are in his possession to date: Rosa rugosa, Thunberg, root form; Rosa rugosa alba, Rosa rugosa rosea, Kaiserin des Nordens (Regel from Japan '75), Rugosa germanica (Dr. Müller), Rugosa germanica lighter form, Compte d'Epremesnil (Nabonnand '82), Mme Georges Bruant (Bruant '88), Mme Charles Fredr. Worth (Schwartz '90), Thusnelda (Dr. Müller '89), sport of Thusnelda, Rugosa fimbriata (Morlet '92), El Mikado (from Japan?), Zuccariniana (Bruant), ugly; America (Paul and Son '94), Cöbler (Dr. E. Kaufmann '93), Jelina ibid, Tamogled ibid, Vihorlat ibid, Hargita ibid, Belle Poitevine (Bruant '94), Calocarpa ibid, Souvenir de Christophe Cochet (Cochet-Cochet '94), Blanc double de Coubert (Cochet-Cochet '92), Parnassina (Cochet), Microcarpa (T. Smith), Rugosa splendens (T. Smith), Rugosa alba microhylla (T. Smith).
Unissued seedlings have Dr. Müller, Dr. Kauffmann, P. Lambert and myself. Perhaps also Mr. Dawson (although he doesn't say it) another American, whose name I currently cannot remember, but who is an editor of "Rural New-Yorker". von St. Paul.
Magazine  (1894)  Page(s) 19, 74.  
p. 19: Rugosa America, distributed by G. Paul & Son, turns out to be an American fraud, as far as we unfortunately had the opportunity to see. We do not believe that we will find something better than our old rugosa rosea (Regeliana) in it.

p. 74: [From "East Asian roses in Germany", a lecture of Court Marshall von St. Paul, Fischbach]
I must mention another Hybrid Rugosa, America,  which I received from Peter Lambert. Paul & Sons, Cheshunt, which distribute this variety in Europe, wrote to me that they received this Rose from the Garden of the University of Harvard, as a "species from the Rocky Mountains". Now, I have a brisk correspondence with this garden, the so-called Arnold-Arboretum; they do not know of any Rose rugosa from the Rockies. Mr. Dawson, however, the chief gardener, is a zealous rose breeder - the Dawson-Rose (Rosa multiflora X General Jacqueminot is from him) - it is therefore posible that America, which was thus christened only in England, could be one of his hybrids. We shall find out soon, as I have enquired at the appropriate places.
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