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'Gletscher' rose Reviews & Comments
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Initial post 22 JUL 14 by Agnis
Dear HelpMe Find,

You need to remove Vintage Gardens from your list of places to buy roses, as they have closed forever. (boo hoo!)

Ellen Smart
Ridgefield, WA
Reply #1 of 8 posted 22 JUL 14 by Patricia Routley
It is listed as a reference only nursery.
Reply #2 of 8 posted 22 JUL 14 by Agnis
No it isn't. It is listed as a place to buy roses, not as a reference. They have stopped tending their database, so it is no good as a reference anyway.
Reply #3 of 8 posted 23 JUL 14 by Patricia Routley
Take a closer look. On the small (orange-coloured) opening page for Vintage there are the words “Reference only nursery”. Once you open the main page for Vintage, on the second line it also says “Reference only rose nursery”. On the bottom of that same page it says “Vintage Gardens has closed operations in May 2014.”

Having closed nurseries listed as once carrying a rose is extremely valuable for the researcher, and for people who inherit roses that are known to have come from that nursery. I have hundreds of old nursery catalogues and while most of the nurseries are long gone, these listings and their descriptions of roses are some of the most valuable things I have.
Reply #4 of 8 posted 23 JUL 14 by Agnis
That is not the point. when you click on where to buy, up comes Vintage Gardens. I bought roses from them for many years. I was aware of their demise as it happened, slowly, over a very long time.

Dave needs to remove it. no longer exists. finished. done.

What you do not seem to understand is that their website no longer is there. It was a great resource. I used it often. It no longer exists. It is gone. Dave needs to rejig, and put onto what is useful: the new website, where the information from the old website is available. Under certain circumstances. When you say it is a 'resource' you apparently are unaware that there is no information, or hardly any information, at that place.
Reply #5 of 8 posted 24 JUL 14 by Rupert, Kim L.
Agnis, when you click on the "Buy From" tab and it brings up the list of nurseries, the Vintage Gardens information on the Buy From tab states:

"Vintage Gardens

A collection of over 3400 antique and extraordinary roses.

Reference only rose nursery. 3668 plants listed. 11 photos. USDA zone 8a.

107 favorite votes. Average rating: EXCELLENT. "

I suggested and worked to create the many "reference only" nursery listings here on Help Me Find to document what has been available here commercially. If you notice the "Reference only rose nursery", it should prevent any confusion. Whether there is any information on line concerning Vintage Gardens or a web site for them, what they offered for sale is maintained here on Help Me Find in case you have a question whether any of their offerings may have been sold here in the United States. It has helped several times in identifying found roses for which no identification was known. I apologize for the confusion it caused you, but the information is stated clearly on the Buy From tab, before you even go to the Vintage Nursery page.
Reply #9 of 8 posted 22 MAY 15 by Matt's North Texas Rose Garden (Archive)
Chill out!!!
Reply #7 of 8 posted 24 JUL 14 by Agnis
Here, I've done it for you
Reply #8 of 8 posted 24 JUL 14 by Rupert, Kim L.
Thank you. I have also removed all contact information for the closed nursery as well as countries shipped to, except Germany as the system will not allow me to remove all of them. I have turned that issue over to the Help Desk with the request they please wipe out all "ship to" countries. Hopefully no one else will be confused.
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Initial post 1 JAN 12 by Grntrz5
A purchase from Cliff Orent, through Vintage Gardens had a well scented 1 1/2" lilac bloom right out of the box. It has Tea like branching, numerous tiny prickles, and the new leaves are blue-green. It does get BS and does lose it's leaves in extreme drought, but they returned with more water and cooler temperatures-when the 115/80's went to 80's and 70's at night.
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most recent 20 SEP 11 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 20 SEP 11 by Rupert, Kim L.
From the Vintage Catalog today, " At David Ruston’s famous rose collection in Australia, in 2006 we encountered this rose grown under its correct and original name, Gletscher, a seedling of Lavender Pinocchio from Kordes, introduced in 1955! Our thanks as well to Akira Furusawa of Japan who confirmed this after comparing our Aldinglow with his Gletscher which has been in Japan for some years."
Reply #1 of 3 posted 20 SEP 11 by jedmar
Thank you for bringing this identification to our attention!
Reply #2 of 3 posted 20 SEP 11 by Rupert, Kim L.
You're welcome. Imagine the quantity of interesting information floating around "out there" which doesn't get reported here. What a tremendous resource we have!
Reply #3 of 3 posted 20 SEP 11 by jedmar
Yes, somebody had already listed some years ago 'Gletcher' as a synonym, but the missing s prevented the correct assignation.
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Initial post 23 SEP 07 by Rupert, Kim L.
Vintage Gardens is offering Gletscher under the name "Aldinglow". It's one I've been interested in for some time. Check it out.
Reply #1 of 2 posted 24 SEP 07 by HMF Admin

We have "Aldinglow" as a separate listing - can you confirm they are the same rose ? Thanks.
Reply #2 of 2 posted 25 SEP 07 by Unregistered Guest
I'm reporting what Vintage states in their online catalog.
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