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'Alphonse Karr' rose References
Book  (Dec 2000)  Page(s) 365.  
Alphonse Karr Tea. Gilbert Nabonnand (Golfe-Juan, France) 1878
Book  (Apr 1993)  Page(s) 11.  
Alphonse Karr Tea, crimson-purple, center lighter, 1878, 'Duchess of Edinburgh' seedling; Nabonnand, G.
Book  (Jun 1992)  Page(s) 61.  
Alphonse Karr Tea. Nabonnand, 1878. Seedling of 'Duchess of Edinburgh' and a parent og 'Mme Antoine Rébé'. [Author cites information from different sources. The Journal des Roses says: "The Journal des Roses has lost one of its first collaborators in the person of Alphonse Karr, who died September 22 [1890]... at the age of 82. A most distinguished writer, Mons Karr not only provided a literary point of view, but also had a great reputation as a horticultural publicist. Born in Paris in 1808..." and "It is to Alphonse Karr... that we owe the first tentative steps towards the commercial culture of the Rose. In 1870, he created, in his garden in Nice, the first set-up for growing and marketing the cut flowers. Since then, that branch of horticultural agriculture has undergone enormous development..."]
Book  (1936)  Page(s) 381.  
Karr, Alphonse (tea) Nabonnand 1879; Duch. of Edinburgh X ?; light purple-crimson, center lighter, large, double, imbricated, fine form, opens, fragrance 6/10, floriferous, growth 7/10, bushy.
Book  (1912)  Page(s) 67.  
Race des Thé non sarmenteux. Groupe C.- Thé divers et non encore classés.
Alphonse Karr, Semis Duke of Edinburgh. Nabonnand 1879. Cramoisi foncé, centre plus clair.- fl. très grande, très pleine, imbriquée, odorante; très vigoureux.
Magazine  (13 May 1911)  Page(s) 231.  
The Parentage of Roses.
The following list of the world's Roses and their parentage has been compiled by Mr. Robert Daniel, 38 Russell Road. Fishponds, Bristol, and by his kind permission we are enabled to publish it...
Alphonse Karr... Tea, Nabonnand, 1878, Seedling Duchess of Edinburgh
Book  (1905)  Page(s) 119.  
Alphonse Karr, Tea Rose (raised from "Duchess of Edinburgh" by Nabonnand, 1879). Large, full, imbricated, pale purple, crimson-red, pale in the centre. Vigorous, free-flowering, sweet-scented.
Book  (1902)  Page(s) 67.  
Thé. 1266. Alphonse Karr (Nabonnand 1879), cramoisi
Book  (1899)  Page(s) 9.  
Alphonse Karr, thé, Nabon., 1879, cramoisi
Book  (1897)  Page(s) 275.  
Specialities in Roses.—The number of kinds catalogued is unlimited. The great desideratum is, of course, to secure those which are of vigorous growth, good, healthy, and pleasing foliage, good-shaped flowers, and free-blooming disposition. Those qualities are found largely among the tea-scented and Noisette kinds, the following amongst them:
Alphonso Karr [sic], bright crimson
...These and many others are reliable for garden decoration and for cut flowers.
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