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'Le Bienheureux de la Salle' rose Reviews & Comments
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Initial post 14 MAY 18 by Dirk77
This Bourbon is one of those very few historical roses wich have passed the test of time and after more than 130 years she's still wildly popular and it's no difficult to see why.
The real Mme Pereire's first name was Fanny and she was the wife of a very rich French banker, Isaac Pereire. They gave very much money to good deeds and charity. I'll add a photo of the real Mme, Fanny, Isaac Pereire but now back to the actual rose :
I've had this rose for decades and she's still my favorite rose. Her huge perfectly quartered baroque flowers are simply unique, no other rose has such flowers. And yes there is the scent, wich blows you away. It's a wonderful blend of old roses with raspberry and yes it's very powerful especially in warm weather with little wind.
I've grown her as a shrub for years but now she's against my garden stone brick walls and this is probably the best way to grow this magnificent old Lady. Just trim her as horizontal as possible and she will reward you with lots of flowers. I feed her every month starting at March and i continue till August. I give organic mineral granulated manure, a handful each month and ( this is important) a lot of water! I water every day especially when in full flush and between flushes. It gives her the power to take in all those nutrients she needs to grow and rebloom. Against the walls she reaches 3X 2 meters but she's going to get bigger because it's only her third year. She's very hardy and her only weakness is that she's a little bit prune to blackspot but not worse than most modern varieties. After three years against the wall she hasn't developed blackspot wich my other specimens did growing as a shrub. So that's it! I can't tell you enough how much I love this wonderful old Lady.

Growth: 8
Color: 9
Fragrance: 9
Flower quality: 10
Disease resistance: 7
Reply #1 of 1 posted 1 AUG 18 by Magnus95
Thanks for sharing your experience with this rose! I'm growing its daughter rose "Sandringham" but there doesnt seem to be any information on its growth characteristics, so I thought it best to look at it's parent. From what you say I can certainly see the resemblance in flowering, fragrance and vigour!
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Initial post 26 AUG 17 by StrawChicago Alkaline clay 5a
This rose is drought tolerant. It almost died in wet clay during spring flood, and I had to move it UP HILL to dry & loamy soil. Very healthy & tall & vigorous on August 26 as 3rd-year OWN-ROOT. The second flush in July gave 1/5 the amount of blooms as the spring flush. Will report back if it gives bloom in late fall for 3rd flush.
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Initial post 15 AUG 15 by johnm99
It would be hard to say that any other rose is more fragrant - which combined with the colour and form make it very easy to forgive the not-so-great disease resistance, still worthy of a place in my garden. The fragrance is just magnificent.
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Initial post 14 JUN 14 by SoCal gal
I came across this informative blogpost about the real Mme. Isaac PĂ©reire, when I was doing a genealogy search (my husband's related). It was a such a fun read, I thought I'd share:
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