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'La Reine à fleurs blanches' rose References
Website/Catalog  (27 Jul 2011)  Includes photo(s).
Rosa Queen Victoria’
Hybrid Perpetual.  The flowers of ‘Queen Victoria’ are white, shaded with pink, very large and full, globular in shape, on a vigorous shrub.  [Paul (1848, 1863, 1888), Rivers (1854), Henry Curtis p.7 vol.2/1853].

Horticultural & Botanical History
Seedling of ‘La Reine’ probably bred by Fontaine in 1850, although its origin is in doubt.   It was introduced to Britain by William Paul in 1851.  It was figured in the Floricultural Cabinet with the comment: ‘Bred from ‘La Reine’, of which it is an exact copy in every respect save colour, that it has been designated the ‘White La Reine’.  The ground colour is white, overlaid with the most delicate hue of pink, and of wax-like appearance.  It is very distinct from any other rose.  The full blown flower is of good size, and will prove a charming companion to the higher coloured ones.’  [FC p.1/1852].  Louis van Houtte included ‘Queen Victoria’ in an Énumération des plus belles variétiés et….des autres!, all Hybrid Perpetuals, in the Flore des Serres.  [FS pgs.91-102 vol.15/1864].  It was also figured in this journal in 1852.  [FS f.691/1852].

History at Camden Park
Included in a handwritten list of roses dated 1861, probably intended for a new edition of the catalogue that was never printed.  [MP A2943].

Macarthur’s rose is clearly listed among the Hybrid Perpetuals in his 1861 list and should not be confused with the rose called ‘Queen Victoria’ described in the ‘Gardeners' Chronicle' of 1847, and by Paul, a Tea-scented China with lemon-coloured flowers, closely resembling the Tea rose ‘Princesse Adelaide’.
Book  (Dec 2000)  Page(s) 166.  
Queen Victoria
Hybrid Perpetual
François Fontaine [père] [with A. Paul] 1851
Book  (1936)  Page(s) 733.  
Victoria, Queen (HP) A. Paul 1850; white-pink, large, double, solitary or up to 3, floriferous, repeats, growth 7/10, = La Reine à fleurs blanches
Book  (1935)  Page(s) 183.  
Queen Victoria
Hybrid Perpetual 1851
... of the 'La Reine' family... raised by a Paris cultivator. William Paul bought the entire stock and introduced it to the public... pale flesh or near to white, edged and tinted with pink...
Book  (1899)  Page(s) 152.  
Queen Victoria, HR, A. Paul, 1850, blanc rosé, syn. de la Reine à fleurs blanches
Book  (1894)  Page(s) 287.  
Queen Victoria, H.P., Fontaine (1850), pale pink, large, vigorous.
Book  (1889)  Page(s) 156.  
Queen Victoria (W. Paul 1850). Large, double, flesh-white. Magnificent white bud; called also the "white La Reine".
Book  (1885)  Page(s) 36.  
ROSA, Linn.; Rose.
Garden Varieties—
Queen Victoria; hybrid perpetual. Plant in Acclimatisation Society's Grounds, Bowen Park and in Brisbane Botanic Garden.
Book  (1885)  Page(s) 237.  
Hyb. Rem. Queen Victoria W. Paul 1850. Arbuste vigoreux; fleur grande, pleine; coloris blanc, légèrement rosé; la Reine à fleur blanche.
Book  (1882)  Page(s) 32.  
Queen Victoria... Variété recommandée pour l'ornement des jardins. Hybride Perpétuel. W. Paul. 1850 Rose pâle. Fleur grande. Plante vigoureuse.
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