'William C. Egan' rose references
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'William C. Egan' rose References
Book  (1936)  Page(s) 232.  
Egan, William C. (hybrid wichurana) Dawson 1900; R. Wich. X Jacqueminot; silvery flesh-pink, large, well double, large clusters, fragrance 5/10, floriferous, long strong stems, growth 8/10, climbing, 3 m., hardy. Sangerhausen
Book  (1928)  Page(s) 128-129.  
Jackson Dawson, for a lifetime and until his death the gardener and propagator at the famous Arnold Arboretum, near Boston, first considered the value of Rosa multiflora and R. wichuraiana as parents... [he] successfully produced (in 1888) the yet [McFarland was writing in 1929] greatly admired 'Dawson' climber. He sent out 'Lady Duncan' as probably the first Wichuraiana hybrid, and his lovely 'Wm. C. Egan' in the same year united Wichuraiana and 'General Jacqueminot'. His little-known 'Sargent' rose, described by those who have it as a glorified apple-blossom, united both multiflora and Wichuraiana with the Hybrid Perpetual blood.
Website/Catalog  (1913)  Page(s) 62.  Includes photo(s).
Wichuraiana Hybrid Roses
The Wm. C. Egan Rose is ranked among the choicest members of this large family, the rosy pink blossoms, with their sweet fragrance, giving a striking appearance to the great masses of foliage which clothe the strong canes. The individual flowers are large and very double, and are borne in profusion in late spring or early summer. The plant is of free, almost upright growth, with foliage of bright, lustrous green that persists until December. It makes itself at home wherever it is given any encouragement, and does not require any coddling or laborious attention. All the Wichuraianas are hardy and capable of caring for themselves wherever planted.
Website/Catalog  (1912)  Page(s) 72.  
William C. Egan, Wich. (Sargent, 1903) ... [Location] Pl. 3 No 15
Magazine  (19 Aug 1911)  Page(s) 404.  
The Parentage of Roses.
The following list of the world's Roses and their parentage has been compiled by Mr. Robert Daniel, 38 Russell Road. Fishponds, Bristol, and by his kind permission we are enabled to publish it...
William C. Egan... Hybrid Wichuraiana, Dawson, 1900, R. wichuraiana X General Jacqueminot
Book  (1906)  Page(s) 169.  
10.871. Willam C. Egan, Hybride de Wichuraiana, Sargent 1900 rose très clair
Book  (1906)  Page(s) 170.  
W. H. Egan, another of the Dawson hybrids, was raised from R. rugosa. It has double pink flowers in clusters. The bush is compact, foliage moderately glossy and very free from insects. Always in flower.
Book  (1904)  Page(s) 82.  
Magazine  (5 Jul 1902)  Page(s) 430.  
"The Crimson Rambler Rose and its Mission"
Mr. Jackson Dawson, of the Arnold Arboretum, has been very busy for some years now with the production of multiflora hybrid Roses. One or two of these (be it said to his credit that he has distributed only one or two good ones out of many hundreds) are distinctly meritorious and are destined to fill a particular niche in garden decoration in the future. [...]
Egan, another of his raising, though not a Rambler, is perhaps one of the most attractive Roses of modern introduction. It has in leaf character much of the Wichuraiana type, but much larger, and indeed it makes a shrub that is decorative for its leaf value alone, a most unheard of quality in a Rose. The flowers here are pink; produced in clusters of large size and exhaling a subtle fragrance very similar to that of the old sweetbrier leaf. It is a pity that this Rose is not more generally known.
Book  (1902)  Page(s) 161.  
Rosa Wichuraiana
6253. Wichuraiana x Général Jacqueminot....(Angleterre), rose
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