'Cuba' rose reviews and comments
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'Cuba' rose Reviews & Comments
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Initial post 22 MAY 12 by goncmg
The band I got last year from Vintage is now a willowy and leggy 3 foot tall plant..........here in 6a...........this one surprised me in a good way, it is another "happy" and "willing" rose...........the color is, by modern standards (excusing as usual, Knock Out from criticism) HARSH.........but in the HARSH is also GLOWING.......and bright...........and happy..........brilliant cherry-red with gold ad yellow notes.........extremely fragrant........big floppy bloom.............charming..........wish the parentage had been recorded. MOST notable for me in cold/humid/hot/wet extreme 6a is how for being 86 years old this one is remarkably disease resistant................Fandango from 1950 also looks very much like Cuba but is a touch less glowing in color and at least for me, extremely more weak and sick..........

Margaret? Kim? Do you or anyone have any guesses on Cuba's lineage??
Reply #1 of 7 posted 22 MAY 12 by Patricia Routley
Goncmg, I can find no reference to the parentage. However its initial name was 'Lincoln Seedling' {see 1927 reference.) This name may refer to a parentage, but more likely the colour lincoln red (see the 1928 and 1929 references) .

Admin, I think 'Lincoln Seedling and 'Cuba' could be merged?
Reply #3 of 7 posted 23 MAY 12 by jedmar
Patricia, the reference mentions Beckwith & Sons, but not Pernet-Ducher. Are we certain that this is the same rose? Why should P-D have named a rose "Lincoln seedling"?
Reply #4 of 7 posted 24 MAY 12 by Patricia Routley
When I saw the 1927 reference, I presumed Beckwith was the English distributor. The listing for George Beckwith & Son does say they were a wholesale nursery where “one can see most new British and continental roses in testing.” But there is no proof. I can find no more on ‘Lincoln Seedling’, although the 1931 Australian reference does hint of one.
Reply #5 of 7 posted 24 MAY 12 by goncmg
Jedmar and Patricia, discussion like this and delicious tid-bits of historical minutiae like this are exactly WHY I love being on this site..............!!! I love being SURPRISED by a variety, whether one I bought on a whim, or saved from a grocery store or got as a substitute or in error and Cuba just makes me smile----and I needed a "free" rose in my order so I randomly chose it...........the band was so tiny and weak and I never gave it much, and it has developed into that gangly but happy plant and asks nothing from me, just blooms its head off, makes me love its crass and unique color............so often I have waited so anxiously for some "big release" to impress me or even a "past winner"....and quiite often, there are just crickets, nothing, underwhelming/disappointing. Marilyn Monroe is doing this to me right now-----nice plant, my blooms all have a greenish cast to them and not at all creamy apricot, blackspot..............BUT then there is my little gangly Cuba (and a few others like my bands of Comanche and Sunny South and Daily Sketch and Futura)...proving that sometimes NO expectations are the BEST expectations!
Reply #6 of 7 posted 24 MAY 12 by Margaret Furness
if the colour of Cuba appeals to you, have a look at Hector Deane, an old rose recently drawn to my attention by Patricia and Billy. They're emphasising its superb perfume, like Turkish Delight (Billy says "instant endorphins!"). But it still wouldn't suit my garden!
Reply #2 of 7 posted 22 MAY 12 by Margaret Furness
Aaargh, if it's me you're asking ... I'm no expert! It's an interesting colour but wouldn't suit my garden.
Reply #7 of 7 posted 9 AUG by Goclon, Jakub
How is 'Cuba' doing for you now? I'm looking to see if any of the "museum piece" roses are good for humid climates.
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Initial post 22 JUL 17 by pminor
This rose is gorgeous!! Electric color yellow center prefect contrast size is big and semi double is charming giving bloom very open aspect allowing yellow center to show to best effect.
I love this rose. Mild sweet smell.
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