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'Thérèse Bugnet' rose Reviews & Comments
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Initial post 13 days ago by Fredrik
The leggiest girl I know.
Reply #1 of 1 posted 11 days ago by Lee H.
Then perhaps I should introduce you to Frau Karl Druschki ;-)
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Initial post 3 JUL 21 by styrax
Planted this by a Colorado Blue Spruce, and Therese Bugnet has "climbed" through the spruce, with canes probably 12-14' tall. Puts on a spectacular spring flush, but there's always a few flowers through the summer. The flowers collapse quickly in summer heat, probably lasting no longer than a day or two. Very healthy, good color through the year.
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Initial post 26 OCT 14 by CybeRose
RHA Newsletter 9(2): 6-7 (1978)
Rosa Rugosa Hybrids x Miniatures
Lyndon Lyon

A number of years ago, I had a large plant of 'Thérèse Bugnet' (R. acicularis x R. rugosa kamtchatica) x (R. amblyotis x R. rugosa plena) x 'Betty Bland', also 'George Will' (R. rugosa x R. acicularis) x garden roses, and 'Will Alderman' (R. rugosa x R. acicularis) x a Hybrid Tea, all in a group. 'Thérèse Bugnet' set abundant hips that year and I planted the seed that fall and grew the seedling under fluorescent lights. One seedling and one only blossomed when about 6 weeks old. The flower was semi-double pink, very fragrant, and had plenty of pollen. The plant was upright growing with red stems, thorny at the base and thornless near the top. I started more plants from cuttings as fast as possible and in the spring set then out in a row.
Pollen from the 'Thérèse Bugnet' quick-blooming seedling, which we call 'Pink Seedling', was used on the diploid miniature and polyantha-like roses that we were working with. We were plagued with poor fertility and poor seed germination and it hasn't been until now that we appear to have obtained the breaks we need. A very hardy 'Pink Seedling' derivative crossed on 'Merry Christmas' and 'Red Can Can' has given us several fertile red flowered seedlings. These and 'Merry Christmas' and 'Red Can Can' are again being crossed with pollen from several quick blooming seedlings of 'Pink Seedling' with improved fertility.
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Initial post 20 OCT 14 by CybeRose
The Canadian Rose Annual (1967) pp. 102-104
Progress in Hardy Everblooming Roses
Saskatoon, Sask.

But what possibilities remain for the use of rugosa in the breeding of hardy everblooming roses? It would appear that if Rosa rugosa is first crossed with Rosa blanda, and then this hybrid is bred to Hybrid Teas of Floribundas, the dominance of rugosa's weak bud-stems and excessive thorniness is broken much more effectively than if repeated infusions are made with the tender roses to a similar degree of loss of hardiness.

The rose Therese Bugnet, which most of us regard as a Blanda Hybrid rather than a Rugosa Hybrid, is an example of the truth of the foregoing assertion. Its percentage of rugosa, however, is substantial, and it is to the rugosa element in its make-up that the fall blooming habit of the variety is due. The limited number of seedlings of Therese Bugnet raised to date suggests that the combination of good features achieved in it was due to an extremely rare and felicitous segregation, but this is no reason, of course, why the line should not be followed much further.
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