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'Winchester Cathedral ®' rose Reviews & Comments
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Initial post 27 JUN 11 by Tomartyr
There seems to be some dispute about the parentage. Both "Botanica's Roses" and "The American Rose Society Encyclopedia of Roses" describe 'Winchester Cathedral' (AUScat) as a sport of 'Mary Rose'
Reply #1 of 6 posted 27 JUN 11 by Nastarana
Mary Rose plants will frequently produce branches of white blossoms, identical to MR in every way. The one I had did, and I saw a large plant of half MR, half WC at Heirloom Gardens display garden.
Reply #2 of 6 posted 27 JUN 11 by Lyn G
HMF has confirmed with David Austin Roses, Ltd that the parentage information listed in the US Patent number 8141 is in error and that the parentage is "sport of Mary Rose". I have changed the NOTE on the rose page to reflect this information.

Reply #3 of 6 posted 22 FEB 15 by flodur
On the main page you still say " is not an error " and even Mr Marriott should know, that it can't be both. The frequent back-sports to Mary Rose give a clear answer!
Reply #4 of 6 posted 22 FEB 15 by Patricia Routley
Gulp! We've deleted the word "not" and it is right now. Thanks flodur.
(Can anyone remind me what a rose bush looks like?)
Reply #5 of 6 posted 22 FEB 15 by flodur
For me it is still confusing, with the wrong parentage at first place.... please one more correction Patricia!
Reply #6 of 6 posted 23 FEB 15 by Patricia Routley
Aha - I see it now - those words on the incorrect parentage from the patent have been deleted . Thank you again flodur.
(I am pretty good in the mornings, but by late afternoon, I wilt.)
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Initial post 29 SEP 13 by Renato Emma
Syn.'Auscat', 'White Mary Rose'
Rosa Inglese a cespuglio, Gruppo Rosa Antica Ibrida, a portamento vigoroso ed eretto, compatto, ordinato. Fogliame sm/lucido, folto, verde intenso. Fiori grandi, bianchi con centro rosa pallido, forma old-fashioned, singoli o in mazzi. Fragranza deliziosa, di Rosa Antica, con note di miele e mandorla. Rifiorente, rustica. H.120cm L.120cm.
(ROSACEAE) (David C.H.Austin, David Austin Roses Ltd., UK, 1988)
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Initial post 3 FEB 13 by noseometer
The blooms of Winchester Cathedral are beautiful and have a good fragrance. I'm always disappointed that the blooms start out a dingy pale pink (with a bit of yellow), then turn to white only a day or two before all the petals fall. The flowers only last a few days, although the rebloom is good. I get 3-4 flushes in a summer. It has been a very compact (less than 3 feet tall after 3 years) and disease-free plant in my no-spray garden.
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Initial post 17 JUN 12 by Danda
A favourite white of mine, this rose. For one, its prolific, always sending out plenty of buds to make ever more blooms...
Also, I like its growth habit... Bushy, well-foliated, somewhat upright without being lanky, rigid or HT-looking.
It forms a lovely dense, shapely bush that holds its beautiful buds and blooms just above the foliage, really showing off the loveliness of the bloom construction which is cupped at first, with the classic Austin whorl of petals in the middle... Later relaxing to a more flat, open shape.
The blooms have a light to moderate fragrance and hold up to the elements quite well without balling, etc. They last an only average time, but are produced in profusion, so its not an issue... And they drop cleanly without looking ragged and untidy in the final stages.
The buds are usually tinged with pink, making for a striking effect with the pure white of the mature open blooms... Though this variety is reputed to throw the occasional pink or half-pink bloom of its Mary Rose parent... In my experience with two specimens, my blooms have all been only the most lovely pure white, except of course, in the bud stage where the pink effect is lovely.
The foliage is generally quite clean and lush... Covering the bush from base to the leading ends of the canes. I have, on my plants only ever seen a very few black spots here and there, never causing problems or becoming at all rampant. I don't spray and in my garden, only good performers are allowed to grow.
This rose is hardy and fairly vigorous, though it remains tidy in its appearance. One of my very best performers and roses overall!
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