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'Black Baccara ™' rose Reviews & Comments
Discussion id : 118-262
most recent 3 SEP HIDE POSTS
Initial post 3 SEP by Zone7ABQ
I'm not sure why this rose is generating negative reviews. Mine is located where it gets morning sun outside of a window. It blooms repeatedly throughout the season. It is early September and it is about 7 feet high. So tall and narrow despite pruning in Spring. A few of the leaves are brown, but I wouldn't have noticed if I wasn't looking for this review. It has no black spot in our dry climate. I see it as a good rose, not a great one. Not an exhibition rose, but it doesn't fade and looks good in the yard, and outside my window. The other dark red, tall, narrow hybrid tea that I have is Black Pearl. It is not quite as dark, but still dark red. I think they are both good, tall hybrid tea roses and would purchase them again.
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most recent 5 JUL 16 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 4 JUL 16 by Michael Garhart
Star released a batch of roses that only do well in greenhouse-like climates. I don't know why they did, but they did. Seems like they stopped releasing them. I'm glad. I like the garden roses fairly well (except the Drift). I'd hate for them to tarnish their good reputation by continuing to release these naughty little divas into America.
Reply #1 of 1 posted 5 JUL 16 by sutekesh
I wouldn't consider our climate to be exactly greenhouse-like but this naughty little diva is doing quite well in our garden.
Discussion id : 92-589
most recent 8 MAY 16 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 8 MAY 16 by bumblekim
One of the only roses not making it through the winter of 15-16. Was bought as a fully bushed blooming from a high end nursery tagged with a Weeks label Mother's day 2015.

Although I put it in less windy area where I can normally grow higher-zoned roses, I think i planted him too high, not burying the crown when first planted. I would be willing to try one on own roots one more time in the future, my coolish summers made for nice dark flowers that lasted.
Discussion id : 64-277
most recent 21 MAR 14 SHOW ALL
Initial post 14 MAY 12 by goncmg
Oh boy, mid-May here in Columbus (6a) and after a HOT spring there is blackspot and mildew in the garden already...........THIS one is NEW, from Edmunds, growing fine BUT...........looks like a bag of flour has been dumped on it. Beyond BAD with mildew. Growing between Futura (1974) which has NONE and Baccara (1954) which has LITTLE...............90 varieties in my yard and Black Baccara, fresh from the nursery, pushed almost to bloom, is by far the sickest.................out of maiden plants, bands, the budded both old and new.............Soleil d'Or is healthier...........Royal Highness is healthier...........GREY PEARL AND VESPER ARE HEALTHIER!!!!!!!!!!!!..............spraying it every 12 hours but if things do not improve this one will be OUT before it even blooms.....................
Reply #1 of 7 posted 14 MAY 12 by Rupert, Kim L.
Dump this turkey quickly! It is ONLY clean as a florist rose because it's sprayed within an inch of its life. Mildew, black spot and rust are terminal. NEVER should have been released as a garden rose.
Reply #2 of 7 posted 14 MAY 12 by goncmg
I found some sad/need a good home 70's roses at Menard's (i.e. Wal-Mart-ish) here in Columbus............saved a Mojave and an America............tomorrow going to save Promise and/or Paradise and BB is out.............Kim, I agree...........90 varieties from Soleil d'Or to Fandango to Polynesian Sunset to Cherry-Vanilla to................loves me some "also rans" and "never did runs"............but the disease on Black Baccara is astounding..................tomorrow it is out................nearly impossible, any roasrian would think, to make the old tea Perle des Jardins look like the poster child for health and vigor in a wet climate..........well, 1874 just trumped 2004 and HARD...............

5/27/12: Never EVER in 40 years of growing roses have I DUMPED a rose get-go. My plants get spoiled, yes I spray and I spray a lot, they grow in pots, they get fed a lot. I have a blackspot free Soleil d'Or, a healthy Marmalade, and so on..........not only did BLACK BACCARA attract mildew like none other, it blackspotted worse than those listed.........sprayed until an inch of its life, it finally punched out a small cluster of tight, waxy petaled, yes BLACK pretty much, blooms............but forget it. When a rose released in 2004 is FAR AND AWAY the WORST rose of 80+ in your garden, and on many levels, and you are growing GREY PEARL AND VESPER AND the original BACCARA ....and....and...........I did it. I stood up for those that actually perform. BLACK BACCARA may very well be the worst rose I have ever encountered! HEADS-UP!!!!!!!!
Reply #3 of 7 posted 17 FEB 13 by jmile
Here in Brentwood California Black Baccara is a wonderful rose. We have hot fairly dry Summers and it thrives in this weather. I haven't sprayed this rose yet. It is close to a large Peach tree that we spray twice a year in the Winter and Spring with Lime Sulfur for peach leaf curl. Maybe this helps keep the fungus down. I would bet that just like a lot of Florist type roses, this rose just likes the heat.
Reply #4 of 7 posted 19 MAR 14 by Dianne's Southwest Idaho Rose Garden
This rose does well for me here in Idaho with our hot, dry summers. I haven't seen any signs of mildew or blackspot, though occasionally conditions are such that they appear on some roses. I have never sprayed for fungus, and no rose has ever been seriously affected by any disease, knock on wood! So I agree, this rose probably only works well in the garden in hot climates that are also extremely dry.
Reply #5 of 7 posted 19 MAR 14 by Rupert, Kim L.
Arid heat is the trick for Black Bacarra, though only for the plant. I bought it for my sister, who lives in Newhall, CA, when it was introduced. She begged for it, thinking it would resemble the catalog photos. When we found it at the wholesale grower I was buying from, it HAD to come home. There is a bit of humidity early and late in the season where she lives and Black Bacarra hasn't disappointed. It is the ONLY rose in her small collection which is guaranteed to rust, black spot and mildew. Occasionally she receives a blackish bloom, but usually they are a muddy red and they last only a few hours in that sun before they fry. For most, I firmly believe this will perform much like Leonidas...not very well for the average garden conditions, unless your conditions more favorably mimic those of a controlled green house. This is NOT one of the "florist favorites" which translates well in to the average garden. Too bad.
Reply #6 of 7 posted 19 MAR 14 by goncmg
It takes a lot for me to pull out a plant and "throw it over the hill"....Black Baccara suffered that fate in 2013. Glad to know Dianne, you are having luck with it, and some others as well. But I'm with Kim on this one, unforunately. Definately one of the worst roses I have ever grown---and the blooms, for me, were so tiny!!!
Reply #7 of 7 posted 21 MAR 14 by Dianne's Southwest Idaho Rose Garden
Most of my blooms have been quite shapely, blackish red, and long-lasting on the bush. Perhaps I've just been fortunate so far; it's only bloomed for two seasons. Chris, you're right that the blooms are small. I've wondered if it should be classified as a mini. Otherwise, I've been quite pleased with this; much more so than I have with Leonidas, which hasn't given me anything worth seeing so far. Both your comments, Kim and Chris, help me understand why many of the "Proof of the Pudding" comments in the old ARS annuals can vary so much.
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