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'Kaiserin Auguste Viktoria' rose References
Book  (Aug 2002)  Page(s) 52.  
Kaiserin Auguste Viktoria
Rated 6.6
Book  (Apr 1993)  Page(s) 282.  
Hybrid Tea, white, 1891, ('K.A. Viktoria'); 'Coquette de Lyon' x 'Lady Mary Fitzwilliam'; Lambert, P. Bud long, pointed; flowers snowy white, center tinted lemon, very double (100 petals), well-formed; very fragrant; foliage rich green, soft.
Book  (Jun 1992)  Page(s) 11, 265.  
Page 11: Even as careful a worker as Lambert was evidently undecided as to whether his 'Kaiserin Auguste Viktoria' was derived from 'Perle des Jardins' x 'Belle Lyonnaise' or to 'Coquette de Lyon' x 'Lady Mary Fitzwilliam'.
Page 265: Kaiserin Auguste Viktoria ('K.A. Viktoria', 'Reine Augusta Victoria', 'Grande Duchesse Olga') Hybrid Tea. Lambert & Reiter, 1891. Two parentages are given: (1) 'Perle des Jardins' x 'Belle Lyonnaise'; or (2) 'Coquette de Lyon' x 'Lady Mary Fitzwilliam'. [Author cites information from different sources. According to the Journal des Roses, this rose was dedicated to the German Empress.]
Book  (Jun 1986)  Page(s) 421.  
Kaiserin Auguste Viktoria Description... one of the early hybrid teas and is still widely grown. A climbing form is available... Creamy white... Disease resistant and winter hardy...
Article (misc)  (4 Mar 1950)  Page(s) 35.  
Kaiserin Auguste Viktoria (1891) the first good white [Hybrid Tea]
Book  (1947)  Page(s) 117.  
Kaiserin Auguste Viktoria (Show & Garden)  An old timer affectionately known as K.A.V., and still able to hold its place on good growth and free blooming counts and shapely creamy white blooms. Fragrant. Habit 3. (HT)
Book  (1947)  Page(s) 170.  
Kaiserin Auguste Victoria (H.T.) bears its medium-size white, cream-centred, double flowers on weak stems arising from a plant with moderate growth, and green, somewhat attenuated foliage. It remains in cultivation, having many of the good points which make a good rose. Lambert 1891...Medium growth. Slightly fragrant....June-September. Hardy.
Website/Catalog  (1945)  Page(s) 21.  
'K. A. Viktoria'. Colour pure white, with yellow in the centre. It still maintains its high position as being one of the very best, notwithstanding the fact that it has been introduced for over 25 years.
Book  (1940)  Page(s) 41.  
Mrs. H. R. Woodruff, Florida. A white rose of good form is the old 'Kaiserin Auguste Viktoria', but it is a very shy bloomer, balls in wet weather, and is terribly susceptible to thrips. I personally am not fond of its greenish tinge.
Book  (1937)  Page(s) 72.  
Kaiserin Auguste Victoria HT (Lambert 1890) [pollen quality] 11%
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