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'Chihuly ®' rose Reviews & Comments
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most recent 11 JAN 18 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 11 JAN 18 by drossb1986
The jury is still out for me on this one. On one hand the flowers are quite striking at one point while they open, they do vastly change colors and wash out a bit. Now, that could be seen as a negative or it could be seen as that being a unique character of the's certainly unique. I do wish the striping held better than it does. I've had some scent and the bush has been a strong grower. I'll see how it performs in its second year as that's typically a better indication of how it will do in the future.
Discussion id : 85-265
most recent 25 MAY 15 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 25 MAY 15 by Dianne's Southwest Idaho Rose Garden
I have liked this rose more than I thought I might. At least in spring weather, the blooms are fairly long-lasting in form and color, though they do really fade in color when they do fade. No doubt I'll have more to say when the warmer weather arrives and I've seen how it does in winter.
Discussion id : 4-894
most recent 30 JUN 14 SHOW ALL
Initial post 25 FEB 04 by Unregistered Guest
I'm in U.S. Zone 5. Can anyone tell me how hardy Chihuly is? Thanks!
Reply #1 of 5 posted 25 FEB 04 by Unregistered Guest
I read in the Jung Seed catalog that Chihuly is for Zones 5 - 9. I was thinking of ordering it.
Reply #2 of 5 posted 20 APR 07 by John Moody
My two Chihuly bushes have done very well in my midwest zone 5/6 garden over the winter until this spring when a late freeze caught everything just as they were all breaking dormancy. All my roses were affected and my two Chihuly bushes seem to have been decidedly hit harder than most. I am not sure yet that both are still alive. I am just waiting to see how they respond if they do at all.
I really like this rose and so do my neighbors and will replace it with like bushes should these not survive. Like I said, they have been fine in previous winters and were this one until this freak 5 day long temps in the single digit temps to around 20 degrees after they had already broken dormancy.
UPDATE 1/2010 I am very pleased with my Chihuly bushes. They have responded well to winter even with no protection provided by me. THey continue to be very vigorous growing and blooming and disease resistance for me has been excellent. I am currently stratifying some seeds from it crossed with Day Breaker and hope to have some nice seedlings to share from the cross. I have two Chihuly bushes and am planning on ordering a few more this next year for hybridizing purposes. I planning on crossing it with Day Breaker, Vavoom, Gingersnap, Hot Cocoa, Moondance, and Honey Perfume. I may try a cross with the r/w striped Scentimental to see if the striping gene comes through. I think this could be a very nice cross with just a little luck.
Reply #3 of 5 posted 26 MAY 09 by Unregistered Guest
Sir, How can you tell the difference between: RUMBA ~ CHIHULY ~ RIO SAMBA ? ? ? I've been trying to identifyl a rose bush 6ft tall, bushy, vibrant, and tolerates the shade & fog on the Calif. coast. We think it might be RioSamba, as the owner removed the tag!! . . . but it does resemble Chihuly, somewhat ? ? ?
Reply #4 of 5 posted 29 MAY 09 by Rosaholic's Southern California Garden
Well, let's see here. I grow now two of the ones you mention Rumba and Chihuly, and have grown Rio Samba in the past. Rumba is easy to distinguish -- it's a polyantha, with typical polyantha size flowers -- never more than 2" in diameter. Chihuly is a newer floribunda, and I've never seen a flower on it less than about 3" in diameter. It is also striped on the outer petals most of the time. Rio Samba is in between these two sizes, but always bigger than Rumba, and never showing a stripe. Rio Samba is also brighter in color than Chihuly, but the easiest and fastest way to tell them apart is the stripe feature on Chihuly. Rio Samba is also a much older variety, so if you know when your plant was planted and if it was before Chihuly was intro'd in 2004, then that's not what you have.

Hope this helps,
Reply #5 of 5 posted 30 JUN 14 by Michael Garhart
They have vastly different foliage. Take a pic of the leaves for us.
Discussion id : 60-433
most recent 31 DEC 11 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 30 DEC 11 by Tomartyr
This rose is known in New Zealand as 'Anna Leese' (after a prominent young NZ opera singer), and is marketed by several leading nurseries under that name, so could 'Anna Leese' please be added to the description as a synonym?
Reply #1 of 3 posted 31 DEC 11 by Patricia Routley
We need a reference please Tomartyr. I have just had a quick flick through the past five years of the "New Zealand Rose Annual' but couldn't pick up anything.
Reply #2 of 3 posted 31 DEC 11 by Tomartyr
I tried to reply giving links to two relevant website pages, but it didn't seem to work. If you Google nz pvr you will be able to find the relevant page in the Plant Variety Rights Register. Weeks Roses were granted a PVR (no. 2907) for Wekscemala on 2/6/2010, for a term of 23 years using the trade name 'Anna Leese'. The New Zealand agent is Matthews Nurseries Ltd, who advertise the rose on their website
Reply #3 of 3 posted 31 DEC 11 by Patricia Routley
Great. 'Anna Leese' now added.
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