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'Gardenia ®' rose Reviews & Comments
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most recent 6 NOV 19 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 5 NOV 19 by nobaranobara
‘Oscar Francois’ is the same rose as ‘Meifaissel’ .
‘Meifaissel’ is marketed as 'Oscar Francois’ in Japan since 2004.
The explanation of ‘Oscar Francois’ is just as jedmar, Esq. did.
Reply #1 of 2 posted 5 NOV 19 by jedmar
Thank you, listings merged. Another unknown resolved thanks to your help!
Reply #2 of 2 posted 6 NOV 19 by nobaranobara
My pleasure!
Discussion id : 105-344
most recent 7 SEP 17 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 5 SEP 17 by NorthWestRider
This rose was under 3+ inches of bark and didn't make it through a zone 5 winter roses two foot to the right and left did so I'm not buying the Zone2...
Reply #1 of 4 posted 6 SEP 17 by StrawChicago Alkaline clay 5a
Agree with you on HMF's wrong info. of hardy to zone 2b, which costs cold-zoners like us $$, considering that each own-root rose costs $25 to $40. I lost over $1,000 for the past decades of roses dying through my zone 5a winter, either through wrong info. about hardiness, or the weather itself. That's why I post in HMF to help other cold-zoners, and I appreciate your info. (NorthWestRider) as to which roses survived your zone 5b. Many thanks.
Reply #2 of 4 posted 7 SEP 17 by jedmar
That was clearly incorrect information. I do not know many roses which can survive Zone 2! Thank you for pointing it out. Meilland roses are generally good for Zone 7b and above.
If you see other obvious errors, please shout!
Reply #3 of 4 posted 7 SEP 17 by StrawChicago Alkaline clay 5a
Princess Alexandra of Kent (PAK) is listed by HMF as hardy to zone 2b. A Wisconsin zone 5b grower bought that as own-root and it died on her first winter. For Meilland roses, only Tchaikovsky (very disease-resistant), Bolero, Sweet Promise 2007, and Betty White survived more than three zone 5a winters. Liv Tyler and Frederic Mistral died on me after a few winters. Link to PAK:
Reply #4 of 4 posted 7 SEP 17 by jedmar
There are several gardens in 4a and 4b where PAK seems to be growing in Europe. I know that in Russia they have very extensive winter protection with tunnels etc. The comments say that there is a case where PAK has survived 4b colds in USA, too. 5b is probably all right.
Discussion id : 94-526
most recent 4 SEP 16 SHOW ALL
Initial post 22 AUG 16 by Roses in the Paddock
I have just purchased this rose and this is on the tag: Brilliance (MEIfaissel). Also known as Metropolitan
Reply #1 of 9 posted 22 AUG 16 by Patricia Routley
Brilliant! You have enabled us to merge 'Brilliance' with the four other names that this rose is sailing under throughout the world. Thank you Roses in the Paddock.

(Tags often give this important information. If anyone would like to spend the next long weekend visiting nurseries, I can give you a whole list of rose names in Australia to search for.)
Reply #2 of 9 posted 23 AUG 16 by Roses in the Paddock
Post a list as I'm always up for a bit of rose detective work and a challenge! :)
Reply #3 of 9 posted 23 AUG 16 by Patricia Routley
I hereby loan you my Sherlock Holmes cap.
While in some cases we know the breeder, we are seeking the international code name.

A Daughter’s Gift A red, white reverse HT/Flori/shrub? Unknown breeder/Spek?. Sold by Wagners,
As Good As It Gets. Deep pink (blackberry) flori. Sold by Rankins, 2015
Belle Parfume – a Delbard rose. pink, ageing to mauve. Sold by Wagner,
City of Perth – orange HT. Unknown breeder. Sold by Wagner/Spek,
Conquest – lavender flori. Sport of Angel face. Unknown discoverer. Sold by Melville.
Dreamlover Lilac mini cl. Landsdale 2014 release
Encore deep pink, semi-double, frilly edges. Landsdale 2014 release
Golden Jubilee ?syn 'SAS Golden Jubilee' ….. is this KORbatam? Landsdale 2014 release
Heidi’s Wedding Rose – pink shrub. it is a Guillot rose. sold by Knights
Little Wishes – Violet shrub. Bred by Harkness. Sold by Knights.
Mother and Daughter yellow HT. Rankins. 2015
Our Honey Olivia apricot flori. added to HMF Landsdale 2014 release
Slim Dusty <2007. Landsdale 2011/2014 release
Supernova (old name Rolf Harris) orange, cream stripes HT <2015 Landsdale 2014 release
We will remember Them – Yellow HT. Bred by Guillot rose. Sold by Knights
Reply #4 of 9 posted 23 AUG 16 by Roses in the Paddock
Tag information on the following...

We Will Remember Them -
Rosa Generosa Rose (03.01.109)
Height - 1.6m. Wide - 1m.
This impressive, brightly coloured Hybrid Tea is worthy of a prime position in the garden. It grows to 1.6m tall and 1m wide and produces a prolific number of large, decorative blooms of rich yellow, with bright orange and red tips in clusters or singly, and repeats flower extremely well.
It has a pleasant fresh rose fragrance and is very healthy, reliable and hardy. It has excellent disease resistance. Perfect for bedding and borders, as well as creating a colourful hedge.
Reply #5 of 9 posted 23 AUG 16 by Roses in the Paddock
Mother & Daughter - According to an interview of Melissa King...She approached Rankins, they got talking... Rankins had the perfect rose sitting in the paddock for the last 8 years and they were waiting for the right moment to release it. According to the interview Ranking bred the rose and it has unknown parentage. The following is on the tag:

Yellow Hybrid Tea
H - 1.25m W - 1m
* Perfumed, a must in a rose and Mother & Daughter has this in abundance!
* Soft rose, citrus and fruity fragrances make a refreshing and sweet perfume. A wonderful scent.
* Tall elegant stems with an extremely long neck to support large single blooms.
* Huge soft sulphur yellow double blooms open to a mass of petals in a quartered old world shape.
* An excellent cut flower. This rose has long sturdy stems and flowers last 5 to 6 days in a vase.
* Hardy and disease tolerant Mother & Daughter has thick leathery leaves, very resistant to both black
spot and mildew.
* A vigorous strong grower that performs very well in any sunny position.
* Flowers late October to late May repeatedly.
Reply #6 of 9 posted 24 AUG 16 by Patricia Routley
Thank you Roses in the Paddock. We have files for all the roses, but it is the code names we are missing.
Reply #7 of 9 posted 24 AUG 16 by Roses in the Paddock
Yes I understand it's the codes you are after :). I have received the following information from the nurseries.....
Mother & Daughter - no code registered. Rose found in amongst other roses and unknown parentage.
We will remember them - only code that I have been given is WSR107.
Sorry that's all I could find on these two. When the roses grow I will take photos and add them:)
Reply #8 of 9 posted 3 SEP 16 by Give me caffeine
Patricia, Wagner's "Belle Parfume" is a dead ringer for 'Chartreuse de Parme'. If I had to bet, my money would be on that.

Delbard also describe it as a pink. Translated by Google: "A beautifully designed pink. Its warm colors works wonders with the rose Remembrance Marcel Proust®. Rich, powerful fragrance is simply mesmerizing."

Delbard don't have a DELmau listed in their site. Also, the French don't use an "e" on the end of parfum.
Reply #9 of 9 posted 4 SEP 16 by Patricia Routley
I will respond further in the 'Belle Parfume' page.
Discussion id : 68-599
most recent 5 DEC 12 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 5 DEC 12 by csb
In Spain this rose is sold by the name "Pau Casals".

See reference in Ferrer's catalogue (
"Pau Casals "Meifaissel". Sturdy plant with abundant foliage of a dark green colour. Height 80-90 cm."
Reply #1 of 1 posted 5 DEC 12 by jedmar
Thank you!
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