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'Golden Eye' rose Reviews & Comments
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Initial post 10 JUL 17 by Nastarana
To judge from the pictures, this rose seems to show quite a bit of variation in both color and in the number of petals? I like the bright red orange color, but not so much the pinky tones which, I suppose, show up with age?

Is this rose five petalled, or semi-double, or both?

I might want to grow it if I could be sure I was getting the five petalled version with the gorgeous red-orange color.
Reply #1 of 1 posted 27 JUN by Michael Garhart
It's a 5-10 petal rose. Blooms and clusters and gigantic. It's so neat to see in person. Its not really red-orange. There is no orange present. They start out scarlet with a golden eye. They age to medium red with a lighter eye. Then, they age to rose toward the center and darker toward the edges. A cluster is like 50 blooms so you get a multi-stage effect. It's very pretty. But there is no orange. I saw it in person today, and I have seen it in person every year since about 2011. It looks better than Knock Out and My Hero, which are at the same park. I would only rate Miracle on the Hudson as a better red, but MotH is darker and more upright, and GE is mounding and brighter. So they're a bit different.
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Initial post 22 MAR 15 by Coriaceous
None of the seller claims hardiness greater than Z4. What is the evidence that this is hardy to Z2b?
Reply #1 of 1 posted 22 MAR 15 by Patricia Routley
None that I can see. Changed to 4a through to 9a (but I have a mental block on zones, so please check that is correct)
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Initial post 29 SEP 13 by Michael Garhart
To clarify: the above is my current opinion based on observation of the medium red (light red to scarlet) group of landscape roses -- not orange or dark red types, or all other uses for roses.

Flower Carpet Scarlet would get high marks but it has a fairly fatal flaw, which is that it wants to be a climber. I have seen 6' + basal breaks grow and grow and grow, just to bloom at the tips. On other occasions, it mostly behaves. It is very inconsistent. This is similar to Sea Foam, which can be trained as a small climber. It would be perfect for this group if it was more compact.
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most recent 24 SEP 13 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 24 SEP 13 by Michael Garhart
This is the best red landscape rose, with Ruby Meidiland as a likely second, even though they are different in size, that I have seen/experienced to date.

If I were to rate current choices in the wholesale market, I'd place the three best like this (graded for both health and aesthetics, from shortest to tallest):

Ruby Meidiland: best red for dense or small areas, linear rows, even planters. Other reds from this line are inferior, from what I have seen.
Golden Eye: best mass impact, for moderate sized areas or huge beds/rows
Double Red Knock Out: slightly less healthy than KO, but a great red that can be planted anywhere, and it can be cut for indoors, too, which is a huge bonus for a landscape rose. Unlike KO, it is more of a true red, and it has an aesthetic form.
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