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'Kaimai Sunset' rose References
Website/Catalog  (7 May 2013)  Includes photo(s).
Kaimai Sunset (SOMtabco). Climbing rose featuring rustic copper flower buds that open to unique velvety terracotta shaded blooms. A very uniquely coloured climber, starting with rustic copper flower buds, opening to velvety terracotta shaded blooms that can be presented on single stems or in clusters. In the cooler spring and autumn periods more of the dark copper colour is present. It produces masses of blooms which are well complemented by a backdrop of abundant dark glossy foliage. It has a lax growth habit making it easy to train on a fence or wall. Awarded Best Climber, Hamilton Trial Grounds, New Zealand (2002). Climber. Rustic Copper with Terracotta shades. Semi double. Flower Size 90mm. Petal Count 30 - 35. Height 3 - 3.5m. Habit Lax. Fragrance 1. Disease Resistance Good. Parentage 'School Girl' x 'Hot Chocolate'. Year of Release 2002. Introducer Glenavon Roses Ltd
Book  (2008)  
p133. Doug Grant. Review of the Newer Roses For the 2007-2008 Season.
'Kaimai Sunset'. (SOMtabco) Somerfield. 12 Reports: 13 Plants. Garden 7.4, Exhibition 5.7. Tall. Health 7.4. Fragrance 2.4. Terracotta/orange blooms. Waikato: Happily performs even when neglected at back of garden, wonderful colour, droopy stems though. Matamata: Lots of blooms, healthy with lovely colour, growing quite happily on a shady fence. Bay of Plenty: Always in flower, wonderful display, some fading. Feilding: Colour seems nicer this year, flowers all summer, no diseases. Kapiti: A nice garden rose flowers all season and is a healthy climber. Otago: Naturally forms a pillar rose with healthy upright growth, free flowering, eyecatching colour. South Canterbury: Blooms last well pn plant, love the colour.

p135 Doug Grant. Final Analysis 2008
'Kaimai sunset' (SOMtabco) Somerfield: Large Climber: 53 Reports, 57 Plants. Garden 7.5, Exhibition 6.4. Tall. Very good health, no fragrance. Blooms terracotta/orange. Unusual colour, with lot of blooms which last on the plant, upright growth, can be grown as a pillar.
Book  (2007)  Page(s) 132.  
Doug Grant. Review of the Newer Roses for the 2006-2007 Season.
'Kaimai Sunset' (SOMtabco) Somerfield: 14 Reports: 15 Plants: Garden 6.9, Exhibition 5.7: Tall: Health 6.6: Fragrance 2.2: Terracotta/orange blooms. Northland: great flowering, good colour if you like the terracotta shades, fades in sun, very vigorous, makes a good garden display. Waikato: attractive colour, lots of blooms and undemanding plant. If you only have room for one climber this is it. Matamata: plentiful blooms, excellent repeat, healthy foliage, lovely colour. Te Awamutu: very showy and always in flower. BOP: vigorous climber, huge number of new canes each year, unusual nice terracotta colour but fades quickly. Feilding: makes a great display but fades quickly, keeps flowering all summer. Manawatu: very blackspot prone, unusual colour, flowers freely. Otago: tall healthy rose, most attractive pillar type, several new basal shoots early in season.
Book  (2006)  
p22. Helen White, Northland. My Five Healthiest Roses. 'Kaimai Sunset'. This climber can only be described as rampant. It supplies masses of terracotta blooms particularly in the spring and early summer and the foliage is dark green. This climber also produces large numbers of basal shoots and the only way we can control them is with the secateurs. This would be an ideal climber if you have a large fence or wall that you want covered quickly.

p117 Peter Bamber. Review of the Newer Roses for the 2005-2006 Season.
Large Flowered Climbers. Kaimai Sunset' (SOMtabco) Somerfield: Garden rating 7.6, Exhibition rating 7.0: 9 bushes, 9 reports: Disease resistant: No fragrance: Medium to Tall: Terracotta /orange coloured flowers. Three growers from Manawatu grow this. One has many health problems and the plant is struggling. Not all that impressed. One also comments that it is more like a pillar than a straight climber, lots of flowers which are small in size and fade badly in the hot weather. The last from Manawatu calls it one of the best climbers available with good disease resistance, good repeat, something different and civilised, and all comment on the unusual colour. Otago says strong upright growth, graceful, healthy foliage, the unusual colour holds well then fades to a paler shade, no health problems. B.O.P. - terracotta small blooms that come in plentiful clusters, very little fading, repeat is excellent, plenty of strong basal growth. Northland calls it a good garden rose in an unusual colour. Waikato has two reports. Both have had trouble with new plants last year but they are doing a lot better this year. Flowers continuously. Feilding likes the colour when it comes out but fades very quickly. Very tall and keeps on flowering.
Book  (2005)  Includes photo(s).
p88 Peter Elliott. New Zealand International Rose Trial Ground. Trial 34. 2002-2004
Variety 4387. 69.8 points. Clg. 'Kaimai Sunset' (SOMtabco). Somerfield. Agent Glenavon. Colour terracotta.

p112-113. Photo [by June Hocking] 'Kaimai Sunset' Cl.

p117 Peter Bamber. Review of the Newer Roses for the 2004-2005 Season.
'Kaimai Sunset' (SOMtabco) Somerfield: Garden rating 7.7, Exhibition rating 7.1: 8 bushes, 6 reports: Some health problems: No fragrance: Tall: Terracotta/orange coloured flowers. Waikato has a first year bush and so far a big robust rose. Manawatu - novel colour but bush leaves a bit to be desired. Susceptible to black spot, needs to improve. Northland - a very vigorous grower in terracotta colour. Something different. Another Waikato grower - slow beginnings due to persistent botrytis but new shoot has replaced all earlier removals and is growing really well. Several blooms, attractive reddish colour but fades. Healthy now. Feilding - small flowers, nice unusual colour but fades quickly, grows fairly upright. First year rose planted late so next year will be a better test. Te Awamutu - 2 yr bush but has made poor progress. Flowers small but lovely colour. BOP - covers itself with blooms that fade. The strongest rose in the garden. Five new basals every year, excellent repeat, some mildew. Manawatu - grows more as a pillar rose than a traditional climber, very free flowering, bloom small in clusters, glossy foliage. At its best in the cooler weather.
Book  (2004)  Page(s) 118.  
Peter Bamber. Review of the Newer Roses for the 2003-2004 Season.
'Kaimai Sunset' (SOMtabco) Somerfield: Garden rating 7.7, Exhibition rating 7.1: 12 bushes, 12 reports: Some health problems: No fragrance: Tall: Terracotta/orange coloured flowers. Waikato says it is a must have rose; an unusual terracotta colour, blooms all season. Possible use in vase class; lasts well when cut. Manawatu - just another climber, very small flowers. But another Waikato grower calls it super, great colour, with lots of blooms. Northland - very healthy and vigorous, unusual colour. Manawatu - something really different in a climber. Blooms come in clusters and are small in size. B.O.P - healthy; stunning colour that glows, still settling in.
Book  (2003)  
p78 New Zealand Rose of the Year 2002. Best climber. 'Kaimai Sunset'
(Somtabco). Somerfield, New Zealand.

p80-81 Photo. 'Kaimai Sunset', best climber. Photograph Dawn Eagle.

p81 Dawn Eagle. The Pacific Rose Bowl Festival, 2002. The best climber was 'Kaimai Sunset', bred by a New Zealand hybridizer, Rob Somerfield. It is a most unusual terracotta/orange colour, and there were lots of flowers open on the day of judging.
Book  (2000)  Page(s) 22.  
Richard Walters. Millennium Rose and Flower Show. The champion vases was won by Linda and Rob Somerfield, both with seedlings bred by themselves - large roses from a terracotta coloured climber - 'School Girl' x 'Hot Chocolate'

p40. Richard Walters....a terracotta-coloured climber ''School Girl' x 'Hot Chocolate'....
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