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'Falling in Love ™' rose Reviews & Comments
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Initial post 24 FEB 09 by John Moody
I have grown this rose for two years and am "Falling In Love" with it, LOL!!! The bush is very vigorous growing and disease resistant. It was also winter hardy it's first year in my garden. It is one of the slower to break dormancy in spring but once it does it catches up quickly. The only drawback to this bush is the immense number of wicked thorns that it gets from it's pollen parent Marilyn Monroe.
The blooms are to die for! They are large and heavily petalled and very high centered and generally are the most beautiful pearly soft pink that lasts the entire life of the bloom. The color to my eye is the exact same color as the pink edging seen on the seed parents Moonstone's blooms. The color has a smoothness I think it gets from MM as well. And, to top it off, the blooms are very fragrant which is very rare in a rose with such heavy petal substance.
The petals are a very nice rounded shape which adds to the beautiful form. My blooms last a minimum 12 days on the bush or when properly cut and prepped for a vase in the home.
I think this rose is so versatile as it is excellent in the garden on the bush, in a vase for the home, and is even quality enough to make a good exhibition rose that actually has fragrance. I have one bush and am planning on getting many more as I think this rose is one of the rare roses that got all the good qualities available from it's parents which makes it even better than these two great Hybrid Tea roses themselves. If you don't have it, you should definiteley get one to give it a try. I am positive you will be glad that you did.
UPDATE 7/2009--I am very sad and sorry to say that my "Falling In Love" bush has died. I have no idea what caused the plant to deteriorate so quickly as it did. One day it seemed fine and really starting to put on it's Spring growth, and the next day it was limp and weak looking and within 10 days it was completely dead. I was stunned and of course very saddened as I was really beginning to like this rose immenseley. I love it's parentage and it is lucky enough to inherit most of the good qualities they had to offer. I will definitely replace this one and probably add on another or two to go along with it so the new FIL bush will not be lonely and have good company. I am starting a new bed, and this will be a good time to add them. I think the local nursery may still have a few that the rosarian started as bareroots this Spring. So, I will just have to begin again with this one.
But, I would still like to know what caused the bush I had to fall apart and die as it did. I won't take the chance and replant in that garden spot using the same soil that is in the hole. I will dig it out and replace it with some freshly mixed soil just in case there is something in that soil that is the cause for my original "Falling In Love" to die. Wish me luck!!
Reply #1 of 2 posted 29 JUN 09 by BAM
I am very interested in trying Falling in Love. Could you comment on the size and shape of the bush and perhaps compare it to some I know to help me place it?

Warm Wishes (Sunset Celebration) medium height, bushy & rounded
St Patrick - medium height, bushy wide "V"
M. Koopman - bushy but taller than wide
Jardins de Bagetella or Truly Yours - compact and very vertical
Touch of Class - tall spreading "V"
Brides Dream - very tall more vertical "V"

Hopefully I have chosen some well know examples you are familiar with.

Reply #2 of 2 posted 12 SEP 15 by Michael Garhart
Plant is similar to 'Marilyn Monroe. So, moderate height, wide, and really thorny.
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Initial post 7 JUN 15 by Unregistered Guest
Available from - nelsons roses
apopka-vineland road apopka,florida
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Initial post 27 SEP 07 by wordycat
This rose is absolutely beautiful! Very fragrant also. I have been told by others that it reminds them of Pristine, not lasting long. I love everything about it at this point, I will really be able to tell when it has it's second season in the garden.
Reply #1 of 4 posted 28 SEP 07 by HMF Admin
Thanks for sharing - do you have a photo ?
Reply #2 of 4 posted 28 SEP 07 by wordycat
I don't have a photo yet but will send one as soon as I can. My statement of it being said it doesn't last long, I hope will be untrue as it's parents Marilyn Monroe and Moonstoone are both very longlasting flowers in the garden and in the vase.
Reply #3 of 4 posted 29 JAN 11 by smilam
I am removing Falling in Love from my garden this year, I have had it in the rose garden for 4 full years. The bud, and first opening of the bud are beautiful, however it's bloom is not lasting unless immediately cut and brought inside. It also has very large and very prolific thorns, which I find very unattractive, which becomes a problem if you wish to use it as a cut flower. I also do not find it at all disease resistant. I live in zone 9.
Reply #4 of 4 posted 17 MAR 15 by Michael Garhart
That is exactly why I never bought it. Its parent, Marilyn Monroe, has some nasty thorns, but theyre not quite as dangerous, and the color/form is exquisite and rare. Falling in Love is a more typical color, with a dangerous plant. I'll stick to Sheer Elegance, Renaissance, and Touch of Class for pink HTs, until something better for my climate comes along.
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Initial post 23 FEB 14 by Jack1
I just paid my donation and I am not able to view lineages. Can you please update for me. I am an amateur hybridizer.

thank you,

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