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'Titania' rose References
Website/Catalog  (2020)  Page(s) 16.  Includes photo(s).
Perla de Alcanada, synonyms: Wheatcroft's Baby Crimson, Baby Crimson, Pearl of Canadá; Pere Dot, 1944, hybrid indica minima, carmine-red, compact shrub, vigorous, 25-30 cm, leafy, semi-double, 18 petals, small ovoid buds, the size of a corn grain, flat, 2 cm in diameter, floriferous, dense foliage, very compact, dark and glossy, Perle des Rouges X Pompon de Paris (Rouletti), dwarf growth (6-10 in.), miniature which marked a milestone in its times,  planted in the Rosary Dot and Camprubi in 2011, Lyon Gold 1944, Merit at Geneva 1944 [not possible, trials started 1947], especiallly to form borders in gardens, bibliography: RE-LD-MCF10
Website/Catalog  (8 Feb 2009)  Includes photo(s).
Perla de Alcanada (Perle des Rouges x Rouletii) in 1944
Book  (Feb 2009)  Page(s) 199.  Includes photo(s).
‘Perle d’Alcanada’/Perla de Alcanada’/’Wheatcroft’s Baby Crimson’: Rosiers miniatures, roses de patio. Parents: ‘Perle des Rouges’ x ‘Rouletti’. Obtenteur: Dot, 1946.
Magazine  (1999)  Page(s) 26. Vol 93, part 1.  
Patrick H. Dyer: ....One little rose once again gave us a succession of blooms even though it is now forty two years old! My wife bought it for me at Easter 1956 under the name of 'Baby Crimson', a very appropriate name, since it has survived two moves of house and produced in excess of ten root divisions. It has been variously planted in pots, direct into a border or rockery over the years, The original is at present in the rockery whilst the remaining divisions are in pots.
Book  (Apr 1993)  Page(s) 442.  
Perla de Alcañada Miniature, deep pink, 1944, ('Baby Crimson'; 'Pearl of Canada'; Perle de Alcañada'; 'Wheatcroft's Baby Crimson'); 'Perle des Rouges' x 'Rouletti'; Dot, P. Description.
Book  (1993)  Page(s) 124.  
Ross Heathcote, Victoria. Pink Miniature Roses.
Perla de Alcanada  (Dot - 1944): The plant in most aspects is very similar to 'Perla de Monserrat' with the exception of colour which is a very deep pink, maybe cochineal would be close. Strangely some catalogues describe it as 'carmine', but it is nothing like the artists's carmine.
Book  (1992)  Page(s) 135.  
Ross Heathcote, Taylors Lakes, Victoria. Red Miniature Roses. 
Perla de Alcanada (1944, Dot). Peculiarly described as 'carmine' in catalogues, but nothing like the artist's carmine, is a very deep pink and 'Midget'  (1941, de Vink) likewise described as 'carmine' is also a deep pink and as such both are not considered here. (And I have had to shift them away from the 'red bed!)
Website/Catalog  (1970)  Page(s) 16.  
PERLE D'ALCANADA Rouge carmin, cramoisi. Le sachet de 3 rosiers : 9,90
Website/Catalog  (1966)  Page(s) 31.  
PERLE D'ALCANADA (P. Dot 1944). Rouge carmin, cramoisi teinté de Magenta. 
Magazine  (Aug 1965)  Page(s) 31-32, vol 21, no. 2.  
Nearly all of the modern Miniatures are hardy outdoors. ‘Perla de Alcanada’, a strong thorny crimson, will survive a temperature of 20 degrees below zero, but ‘Diamond Jewel’, a dainty small white, needs protection at zero.
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