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'California Wild Rose' Reviews & Comments
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most recent 20 JUN 18 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 18 JUN 18 by JasonSims1984
Who knows where I can get a start of californica? I have seen the nurseries listed, but they are out of the country. I can't import it. There has to be somebody who grows this species in the country. Or has some seeds to trade :)
Reply #1 of 9 posted 18 JUN 18 by Kim Rupert
I will add it to the list, Jason. I have the R. Californica they selected to grow in the Historic Sacramento Cemetery in Sacramento, Ca. There are suckers exiting the bottom of the container and it needs cleaning up, anyway.
Reply #2 of 9 posted 18 JUN 18 by Kathy Strong
I was going to say there are many variations on rosa californica. I have one also that is probably not the one the good folks in Sacto "selected." What I have is one I got originally from the Native plants nursery on the outskirts of San Juan Capistrano called Tree of Life Nursery. They also have Rosa minutifolia, which you would probably also like. However, since you don't say where you are, I guess there are two options here -- come get a piece of mine in San Diego, or drive on out Highway 74 in San Juan Capistrano if that is closer. Or get Kim's.

ps in Oregon is another good place to get most species roses, but I don't see californica on their list at the moment. It might be too common for them.
Reply #3 of 9 posted 18 JUN 18 by JasonSims1984
I'm actually currently in San Diego! I would love to come and get a piece of some minutifolia and/or some californica! Email me and I'll give you my cell phone number :).
Reply #5 of 9 posted 18 JUN 18 by Kathy Strong
Well then, I should probably also invite you to the San Diego Rose Society meeting tomorrow night, Monday, June 18, at which our topic will be hybridizing roses. Come one, come all, 7 pm at Casa Del Prado, room 101, in Balboa Park. If you haven't been there before, it's across the street from the museum of natural history and next door to the junior theater bldg.
Reply #6 of 9 posted 18 JUN 18 by JasonSims1984
No way! That's fantastic! I'm so excited! I have been obsessively reading about roses for weeks now. And now you say you have the rose I am looking for and you have it miraculously here in the place I am visiting next to the rose garden that I love to visit and I get to attend a rose group meeting tommorow night! Pinch me. I will be there.
Reply #7 of 9 posted 19 JUN 18 by JasonSims1984
Californica's foliage smells so nice! I have seen it at Walter Anderson nursery but it was in bad shape and it did not have fragrant foliage and someone bought it. I also saw it in someone's garden. It had beautiful lilac flowers. I was mesmerized. But Kathy gave me a sucker from her yard. I really like because it has very fragrant foliage. It has a very woodsy piney smell to it. I am so happy to have it. I feel like I have something no one else has.
Reply #4 of 9 posted 18 JUN 18 by JasonSims1984
Thanks Kim!
Reply #8 of 9 posted 20 JUN 18 by Tessie
I would suggest you get R. californica 'First Dawn'. It is a selection of the species by Suncrest Nurseries. They don't sell direct to the public but many nurseries can get their plants.

The two selections of the species I grow are First Dawn and Los Berros. First Dawn is the better one by far IMHO. It blooms prolifically and repeatedly while Los Berros only lightly blooms with almost no repeat (it is also a water hog). First Dawn blooms in huge sprays and is extremely fragrant. The foliage has a mild to moderate peppery scent. Sets abundant hips with plenty of seeds. Not very thorny (Los Berros is loaded with thorns and prickles). Both are shade tolerant. First Dawn will climb with support. It is blooming now. I'm not sure there are any hips at present as birds like them.

Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden grows R. californica from different parts of the state. I've seen all their other selections. They also grow First Dawn and Los Berros where I bought mine. First Dawn is my favorite but my second favorite one is a plant from San Diego County. It is very nice. The RSABG nursery is closed for the summer. However, earlier this year they did have available in the nursery R. californica grown from their own stock. Unfortunately I didn't note which one.

Reply #9 of 9 posted 20 JUN 18 by Tessie
I forgot to mention that Annie's Annuals grows a R. californica with good rebloom. Checking Annie's tonight finds that it is not in production. You could write and ask about it though. Here is the page for that plant:

Discussion id : 97-493
most recent 12 FEB 17 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 12 FEB 17 by CybeRose
Plantas Hartwegianas :imprimis mexicanas adjectis nonnullis Grahamianis enumerat novasque /describit Georgius Bentham.
By: Bentham, George, - Pamplin, G.
Publication info: Londini : [G. Pamplin,] 1839[-57].

1716 (12). Rosa cinnamomea, Linn. var. pedunculis solitariis geminisve. — R. Kamtchatica Vent. Hort. Cels. t. 67. — In sylvis prope Monterey.

1717 (408) Rosa californica, Cham. Schl. Linnaea, 2. p. 35.— Specimina Douglasianis simillima corymbo multifloro, caetera omnia cum descriptione auct. cit. conformia, — Caulis 5-pedalis, — In valle Sacramento.
Discussion id : 97-464
most recent 11 FEB 17 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 11 FEB 17 by CybeRose
Proceedings of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences 8: 382 (1873)

146. Rosa Kamtschatica Vent Cels. t. 67. In fruit only; the strong shoots densely setose, and with immense dilated aculei. One or two smooth specimens also collected. An intermediate form is in Dr. Lyall's collection, from Vancouver's Island. The R. cinnamomea in Pl. Hartweg, to which Ventenat's plant is referred as a synonyme, is wholly different, and apparently R. Californica, Cham. & Schlecht.
Discussion id : 96-280
most recent 9 DEC 16 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 9 DEC 16 by CybeRose
Linnaea: Ein Journal für die Botanik in ihrem ganzen Umfange. vol. 2, pp. 35-36 (1827)
De plantis in expeditione speculatoria Romanzoffiana observatis dissere pergunt
Ad. de Chamisso et D. de Schlechtendal

3. ROSA, quan e San Francisco retulimus, californica, speciem novam esse suspicamur, specimina vero nostra multa desideranda relinquunt.— Rami glabri, aculeis stipularibus geminis, ceterum uti tota planta inermes. Aculei stipulares rectiusculi, subrecurvi, patentes. Folia trijuga, superiora bijuga; foliola ovata, obtuse, argute serrata, impar maximum circiter 9 lin. Longum, inferiora minora; subtus cum stipulis petiolisque inermibus tomentosa, supra pubescentia, omnino sicut tota planta eglandula, exceptis glandulis raris sessilibus in margine stipularum. Flores in apice ramorum subcorymboso-racemosi, 4-6; pedunculus pilis patulis hirtus, in infera parte foliolo ovato, integerrimo, sessili, amplectente (e stipulis folio deficiente transformatis enato) instructus. Germen ovoideum glabrum. Laciniae calycinae ovatae, longe acuminatae, acumine apice dilatato spathulato, extus pubescentes, intus tomentosae, et tomento albo in margine densiori ciliatae, albo-marginatae. Petala rosea. Flores magnitudine circiter R. pimpinellifoliae.
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