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'Belinda' rose Reviews & Comments
Discussion id : 77-005
most recent 2 MAR 14 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 2 MAR 14 by Nastarana
Is the rose being sold by Northland Rosarium the same 'Belinda' as described here at HMF?

NR does not name a breeder for their rose.

The NR 'Belinda" appears in their photo to have more petals that the rose shown at HMF.
Discussion id : 40-169
most recent 31 OCT 09 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 31 OCT 09 by Tearose
We have a rose at the Heritage Rose Garden that was given to us as Belinda, but the name was later changed to Yesterday(?). I can't see enough difference in the pictures of the two roses to tell which ours is. Does anyone know of a feature that is definitely different in one than the other?
Reply #1 of 1 posted 31 OCT 09 by Cass
Well, the flowers look like your Belinda, but so do the flowers in the pictures of Yesterday. I'll try to get some more detailed shots next week and post them. Clearly, ours is a repeat bloomer, which I gather, yours was not.
Discussion id : 25-119
most recent 2 APR 08 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 1 APR 08 by bob diller
I can't say enough good things about this rose. I have about 30 plants of this rose. It is vigorous, blooms heavily in flushes, withstands droughts and still blooms, and cuttings almost never fail to root. It is not disease free, but only gets mild blackspot and defoliates less than 10% in my organic garden. I do not even spray organic sprays, so the roses are totally on their own and just have to stand up to disease or succumb and get shovel pruned. Height and width here in my zone 7 Richmond VA garden is about 5 feet tall by 7 feet wide, although, left unpruned, some canes seem to want to climb and I have no idea what the ultimate height would be if I left them to their own ambitions. I have noticed no fragrance, but this roses strengths outway its lack of fragrance.
Reply #1 of 2 posted 1 APR 08 by Cass
I hope you will post pictures when it blooms. I harbor doubts that the plant that was sold to me as Belinda is the real thing. It tip-roots like crazy and mildews all the time. It is a virtual once-bloomer.
Reply #2 of 2 posted 2 APR 08 by bob diller
Will try to remember to post pics of Belinda this year, its a lovely rose and if yours doesn't reblooms well, its probably not the real thing. Belinda gets her biggest trusses of flowers later in summer on the newly emerged basal canes that it sends up as the first flush of bloom is about done. These can have almost 100-200 blooms on them, although as the bushes age you get fewew and fewer of these, one and two year old plants send up several, old plants just one or two new ones a year. She has simple semidouble blooms that fade out in the center as they age and the rich cherry pink color of the petals mellows to a softer shade of orchid pink.
Discussion id : 10-849
most recent 13 JAN 06 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 13 JAN 06 by Cass
A wide, spreading shrub at least 10-12 feet wide the first year. The foliage folds, as if the leaves were closing, from powdery mildew. The flower clusters appear at regular intervals on the canes and fade. Wavy edges. Lots of hips. Probably better trained as a low, wide climber. Canes tip root. Sweet scent in heat, powdery mildew all the time.
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