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'Super Star' rose Reviews & Comments
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Initial post 22 DEC by Cambridgelad
Was introduced in the UK by the Wheatcroft Brothers in 1961.
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most recent 22 JUL 18 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 22 JUL 18 by Lavenderlace
Tropicana is still loaded in blooms after an extended period of 110 temperatures (not including the heat index). I don't know if it's the weather because she's new here, but she's been a lovely shade of peach, rather than the orange I see in so many pictures. Completely clean foliage and growing like a weed. Fragrant Cloud beside her does have a stronger fragrance and less fading, but a significantly smaller number of blooms.

Own-root, southern hot and humid Z8, full sun, daily overhead watering, sandy soil. So far, no sign of mildew!
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Initial post 23 MAR 16 by drossb1986
Couple of things so far with my Tropicana experience in Houston, TX:
1.) After a couple of days of rainy weather, Tropicana exploded into a......giant ball of mildew.
2.) After spraying multiple times, Tropicana has......remained a giant ball of mildew.
3.) I grew Tropicana years ago in Mississippi, and I recall a lovely scent. I know roses scent can be influenced by a variety of factors, but this one I have has not had one bit of scent so far.
4.) Regardless of the mildew issues, the flowers are still lovely and the color as interesting as ever. My friend referred to it as pink, to which I replied it was's certainly unique!
5.) I find the foliage odd on the plant, as it seems small to my eyes.

Anyone have any good recommendations for other varieties in the coral colored range that may perform better in the hot and humid Houston, TX climate?
Reply #1 of 2 posted 18 JUN 16 by StrawChicago Alkaline clay 5a
Look up Troika in HMF, KBW in zone 9b grows that. Troika is disease resistant, smells great, less gaudy than Tropicana. I grew Tropicana grafted on Dr. Huey and never smell anything from that rose ... zero scent. Tropicana does well in zone 5a, very winter-hardy & tall and vigorous.
Reply #2 of 2 posted 28 DEC 17 by Michael Garhart
Remember Me is an EASY orange HT/GR type, and easy to locate.
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Initial post 20 MAR 13 by goncmg
Be it Chico, CA or Columbus, OH, I cannot grow Tropicana! Just as I have never had success with tulips or african violets despite my otherwise green thumb. Every time I try Tropicana, the plant is so slow to start!!Then once started it barely blooms, gets mildew, has small blooms, lots of die-back. I adore this color, have hungrily stared at gorgeous plants of Tropicana growing untended/unloved around old rental houses on OSU campus, have had friends tell me they HATE the color and wish their plant would die but it is "just too healthy." Maybe Tropicana responds to tough love and I coddle too much. Or maybe Tropicana and I are simply not meant to be.....maybe will try again this year..........
Reply #1 of 6 posted 20 MAR 13 by Rupert, Kim L.
Tropicana is infamous for its own "brand of mildew". In micro climates where mildew isn't an issue, it can be stupendous. I wonder if your failure with it has been due to dried out bare roots? It honestly doesn't like being stored as a packaged plant for very long. Perhaps if you either purchased a canned plant in bud and bloom which appeared healthy and vigorous and kept it dis budded until it puts out some really vigorous growth, or propagated your own from a particularly vigorous plant and dis budded it until it was vigorously growing, you might succeed?
Reply #2 of 6 posted 21 MAR 13 by goncmg
Hey Kim.....I think I will try Tropicana again this year since I will have Hawaii, Futura, Comanche., Polynesian Sunset, Command Performance, Miss Hillcrest, Fragrant Cloud, Bienvenu, and sort of not having Tropicana is funny. YES---all the times I tried it in Ohio it has been either packaged (I love saving those poor things and just saved 4 yesterday, still totally asleep and rather healthy and I have had some amazing successes with those poor beings if bought early and taken care of well).....or it has been in tight dormancy but in a pot at a garden center and it is tough to tell how it was handled at that point.....if I find a good, out of dormancy one this year I will get it, or I will have Singer in Wisconsin bud me a few maidens from a healthy plant in my friends yard (she can't grow anything, hates the color, ran over it with a lawn mower on purpose one spring only to have to come back stronger, sigh)....I love orange and coral roses as you always great to get a comment from you!
Reply #3 of 6 posted 22 MAR 13 by Rupert, Kim L.
Thank you!
Reply #4 of 6 posted 30 MAR 13 by goncmg
Well, Kim, game on with me and Tropicana. Found one at Meijer's (think Wal-Mart), not waxed but potted and bagged. Looks to be Tropicana----all those little thorns and the olive green cane. The Kordes Perfecta, Miss AAB, Oregold and First Prize all looked true to variety so I am pretty certain..........the plant was pushing some notable, strong growth in a very early stage.........soaked it for 18 hours in a gentle root stimulator solution, potted it up, hoping for the best...........
Reply #5 of 6 posted 23 OCT 15 by Michael Garhart
lol it is funny. I see it growing in abandoned homes, random farm ditches, the side of old homes... everywhere. It isalways 6-8' T, huge, only blooming at the top. It has bad foliage and prickles galore. But it is always blooming away at the top of the plant, even in 100 degree weather. It has to be the ugliest orange tone ever, but the plant is made out of iron and mildew, LOL!
Reply #6 of 6 posted 23 OCT 15 by goncmg
I see it growing all those places as well, very often on the sides of trashy student housing in OSU campus or near gas stations.....yes, the plant I described ended up being Tropicana. I had "almost" success with it. I mean, it bloomed. But as I type this, the plant is gone. Tossed. Along with 2 others. I do not speak "Tropicana" and it just hit me----is that why I actually LOVE the color? And favor those coral-to-orange tones? IRON AND MILDEW, Michael! Hysterical and so true.
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