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'Crescendo' rose Reviews & Comments
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Initial post 5 MAR 11 by John Moody
This was part of the J&P 2010 HT Test Rose Panel that I participated in.
I liked this rose very much and am glad that J&P have decided to commercially market it.
The blooms were gorgeous and it repeated very well. I think it will make a good garden rose for most areas. I could detect a slight but definite fragrance to it usually later in the day when it was cooler. It also seemed to be quite resistant to BS and PM in my garden as well.
Reply #1 of 3 posted 5 MAR 11 by Rosaholic's Southern California Garden
John, I got the test panel also, and at one point I queried the Zary's whether Crescendo was part of the test panel, and Deb said it was not. So I suspect the rose we got as part of the test panel was not actually Crescendo, but rather was an unintroduced variety. No one from J & P, to my knowledge, has ever said the test rose we got was actually "Crescendo," either, so I think your suspicion that this is Crescendo will have to remain an unconfirmed suspicion for now.
Reply #2 of 3 posted 5 MAR 11 by John Moody
Hmmmm, I know that the blooms on my test plant look identical to the blooms in the catalog they are calling Crescendo. Also, the other white blend looks alot like the Chardonnay rose they are now offering. They will have to go a long way to convince me that these roses weren't the ones in that Test Panel. I will really have to take a really hard look at them both this Spring to see what they look like in side by side comparison. I can get a Crescendo from the local nursery here no problem, but I will probably have to purchase a Chardonnay to compare it.
What do you really think when comparing them side by side??
Thanks for the info.
UPDATE 5/2011: I still believe that the test panel rose I have is this rose Crescendo, Looking at the blooms this year once again and noting the fragrance which is not unlike New Zealand makes me so very certain that this is very surely the test panel rose we grew. I am still on the fence about the Chardonnay rose as it hasn't bloomed enough without thrip damage to really be able to tell or not. I will just have to be patient and see how those blooms look when the thrips are gone.
Reply #3 of 3 posted 27 JUN 17 by James Herbison
Where can I purchase the rose Chardonnay? If not where can I secure cuttings?

Thank you
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Initial post 5 APR 14 by jasminerose
There are two sellers on Ebay selling Crescendo seeds. They are using the photograph posted by Patti Jacko on July 8, 2011. I notified them of the copyright message:

Photos are the property of and copyrighted by their contributor, all rights reserved. Downloading or use is prohibited without the contributor's explicit consent. Photos also copyrighted by HelpMeFind: Please report illegal use.
Reply #1 of 1 posted 1 OCT 16 by yarnover
It makes me shudder, or laugh, when eBay sellers sell rose seeds. Most rose aficionados realize that rose seeds are difficult to germinate and the progeny, when you get them, are very different from the parent rose.
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Initial post 7 SEP 11 by Organic Roses-Honeybee Garden
Umm, I felt very guilty but had to rate Crescendo as a tree rose. It is DISASTROUS! It tolerates heat very poorly and rebloom is only fair, it is also a thrips magnet in midsummer. It's ironic that as little as it reblooms, it immediately gets attacked, but thrips do love certain pale colored roses and seem to leave the striking, deeper colored roses alone. When I had its parent Gemini tree rose, it was always a fantastic rebloomer and the thrips were never such a problem. Gemini also tolerated heat very well! And note, the Crescendo tree rose is shielded with enough afternoon shade as well. Other tree roses I've had did fine with the hot summer sun exposure! They just do not tolerate 4+ weeks of non-stop rains. This time Crescendo was shielded from the rains so I cannot comment about its rain tolerance. Color was good for one Crescendo tree rose, the other Crescendo was not a very appealing cream-white and it held very little pink. However, I really liked the fragrance.
Reply #1 of 4 posted 7 SEP 11 by Robert Neil Rippetoe
Too bad. In my experience 'New Zealand' and most of it's offspring fare poorly in hot weather.
Reply #2 of 4 posted 20 SEP 11 by Organic Roses-Honeybee Garden
Thank you so much Robert for adding the importance of the parent lineage and its effects on the poor heat resistance factor. This will definitely help other people take note of why Crescendo can be a problem, especially with the exposed grafts as a standard / tree rose.
Reply #3 of 4 posted 12 JUN 13 by jmile
I have a completely different experience with Crescendo----We just had 107 degree heat in Brentwood California---This rose didn't even flinch. I have 4 bushes and they are all in constant bloom. I do not spray and do not use commercial fertilizers and they do great. I just use alfalfa --- they are planted in an old horse pasture and get no shade at all.
Reply #4 of 4 posted 28 SEP 16 by SweetheartofJ
I am very inexperienced with roses. Crescendo has made me want to grow more of them. I got her for $10 from JP mid-April (I didn't know that was very late for bare root planting here in CA). I even planted her in the part shade. She had made about 5 large pointed buds even there, slow to unfold, and then they lasted FOREVER on the bush. I mean very long, because Double Delight had 2 cycles of re-bloom and Crescendo was still in beautiful form, too fresh to deadhead. I moved her to the sun, wondering if she would perform better there and she holds up well in hot sun.! I can't smell a thing though. Her foliage is extremely healthy which is a stark contrast to Double Delight's. She is getting ready to bloom again even as I type this...just her foliage makes me smile! I think I definitely have the rose bug!
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