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'KORschaprat' rose References
Website/Catalog  (2014)  Page(s) 39.  Includes photo(s).
Vienna Charm (Korschaparat) ....
Book  (2000)  Page(s) 629.  Includes photo(s).
‘Wiener Charme’/ KORschaprat/’Charme de Vienne’/’Charming Vienne’/’Vienna Charm’ = Hybride de Thé – tons orangés, remontant. Description.. Kordes, Allemagne, 1963. ‘Chantré’ x ‘Golden Sun’.
Book  (Dec 1998)  Page(s) 629.  Includes photo(s).
Wiener Charme (KORschaprat, 'Charme de Vienne', 'Charming Vienne', 'Vienna Charm') Large-flowered/Hybrid Tea. Kordes (Germany) 1963. Description... fine coppery orange, high-centered flowers... a tinge of pink in the cooler parts of the season...
Book  (Feb 1993)  Page(s) 216.  Includes photo(s).
Vienna Charm Large-flowered hybrid tea. Parentage: 'Chantré' x 'Golden Sun'. (aka 'Charming Vienna', 'Wiener Charme', 'Charme de Vienne', KORschaprat) Germany 1963. Description and cultivation... large flowers are coppery orange...
Book  (1968)  Page(s) 37.  
Roy Rumsey.  The Best Roses of the Last Five Years.  
Vienna Charm  ('Chantre' x 'Goldene Sonne') This rose is of outstanding colour, being deep coppery old gold.  From half open to full bloom it is most attractive but never pick tight buds. The growth is fairly tall; in fact a bit lanky if not pruned correctly. Not a particularly good garden rose but for colour and vase work it must be in this list.
Book  (1967)  Page(s) 180.  
W. G. Treloar, Victoria. New Roses for 1967 (advertisement)
Vienna Waltz.  
Book  (1967)  Page(s) 16.  Includes photo(s).
Wiener Charme, Synonym: Charme de Vienne (H.T., Kordes' Sons 1963) - A markedly vigorous variety. Roses of extraordinary size stand on strong, upright and straight stems, with a magnificent colour tone and a mild, fine fragrance.
Book  (1966)  Page(s) 166.  
S. Brundrett & Sons.  New Roses. (advertisement). 
Vienna Charm HT. (Kordes) Coppery old gold; double long pointed blooms of good exhibition form, freely produced on long stems. The colour is unique and most attractive.
Magazine  (Feb 1965)  Page(s) 1. trimester, p. 14.  
Liste des VARIETES NOUVELLES éditées en FRANCE et enregistrées par le Syndicat National des Producteurs de Nouveautés au 31 Décembre 1964....
Rosa H Th KORvi 0328 F D, 1964, Charme de Vienne, Lieu et numéro d'enregistrement en France Paris 81 771, No d'enregistrement international 258 892 , Obtenteur Kordes, Editeur N.I.R.P.
Book  (1965)  
p16.  Roy and Heather Rumsey, NSW.  New Roses. 
Vienna Charm HT. (R. Kordes) This rose has been a continual source of delight to us, and we consider it a pearl beyond price. In the first place the colour is most appealing, being coppery buff to old gold, very rare in any rose. The flowers are very large, being fully 6 inches across when full blown, and having 20-25 broad firm petals which have a silky sheen to them. Above all, this rose grows, and presents these magnificent coloured blooms repeatedly right through the season. Never a bad bloom either. Visitors to our gardens are all in agreement with us that this rose is easily the most wonderful surprise of the year. We can only think the parents must have reformed somewhat from when we last knew them. ('Goldene Sonne' x 'Chantre').

p86. Dr. A. S. Thomas, New Roses in Victoria.
Vienna Charm.HT. (Kordes, 1963) 'Goldene Sonne' x 'Chantre'. About thirty big petals make up a large, shapely bloom which lasts well. The unique, old-gold colouring is most attractive. Little if any perfume. Vertical grower and not particularly strong.

p166. S. Brundrett & Sons, Victoria. New Roses. advertisement. 
Vienna Charm HT. (Kordes) Coppery old gold, double. Long pointed blooms of good exhibition form. The colour is unique and most attractive.
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