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'Flesh-coloured Noisette' rose Reviews & Comments
Discussion id : 118-151
most recent 26 AUG 19 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 26 AUG 19 by Planetrj (zone 11b/H2 pH 5.8)
Boy this one was one of my first big success stories with letting a creeping rose climb itself into the jungle. This one flourishes and does mighty fine with little care. I would highly recommend this one for those who just don't want to fuss at all with a rose and want something to cover a boring landscape. This is the ticket.
I cannot say enough good about Blush Noisette. It's one of the most floriferous and ever-blooming dolls out there. It's very lady-like in it's dainty flower size, form and coloration. That's where it's shyness ends. It's definitely extremely vigorous and wants to take over the world! It often has new canes with 26-50 new buds forming per newly emerged cane, as well as old wood bud clusters which range from 6-20 on average. Nonstop growth and nonstop flowers. The fragrance is a slight musk. Nothing notable, but the stunning displays overrule the need for fragrance. Coloration is a light washed out blush shell pink. The flowers last only a day or two, but with the abundance,there's no concern of running out of more blooms. (see my posted photos).
I hold the highest esteem for this specimen, as it surely would never stop producing more. It apprecates a good trim, and more vigor is seen when old canes are cut back to a foot from the crown.
Reply #1 of 1 posted 26 AUG 19 by Marlorena
...yes I quite agree although I would say it has more fragrance than you give it credit for... that old fashioned apple scent wafts nearby... from several feet away... perhaps climate has something to do with that.. I'm not sure..
...and as most people who grow it know... those spent blooms do hang around a little too long.. but a good shake, rattle and roll shifts most of them...
Discussion id : 98-229
most recent 29 MAR 17 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 29 MAR 17 by Give me caffeine
Updated information:

Bonzer ripper, mate.

One of the few unmitigated success stories so far.
Cheerful, healthy, vigorous, well-covered in leaves.

Would definitely get another, or two or three.
Reply #1 of 1 posted 29 MAR 17 by Andrew from Dolton
It also grows very well and healthily in climates that are cool and wet in summer, but only grows about 1 metre high. As good as any modern rose
Discussion id : 94-956
most recent 17 SEP 16 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 17 SEP 16 by Give me caffeine
I'm finding this one can tend to look slightly miserable in wet or humid weather. Some of the buds ball, others don't. Still looks good overall as long as the soggy ones are taken off. This is easy to do with thumb and forefinger, as the pedicels are slender and easy to snip off with your thumbnail.

No blackspot at all so far. Appears to be completely immune, and has never been sprayed.
Discussion id : 93-597
most recent 19 JUN 16 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 19 JUN 16 by Aurelija D.
I had a Blush Noisette in my garden (Netherlands, z8, heavy sea clay) for about 4-5 years, it pretty much did nothing at all all that time, just got a few blossoms and stayed small 50 cm 1 twig wonder. Last autumn I was fed up with it, so I dug it up and planted in another garden, on a sandy soil (poor sandy soil on top of that). This year in that garden (without even any feeding), it is 1 m high 5 cane wonder, loaded with blooms. Not sure if that was rootstock problem or it generally prefers more acidic sandy situation, but in my garden it did not want to grow at all (musks next to it were fine on same rootstock), when in a new garden 40 km further it is a fine rose.
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