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Sue The Rose Lover's Garden (Roselvr)
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most recent 29 DEC 12 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 29 DEC 12 by UrbanRoseMan
Hello Sue,

I see you grow Portand Rose Festival which was one of my all-time favorites. I am wondering if you are able to either propagate or bud a plant for me as it's no longer available in commerce. Thanks so much.
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most recent 16 NOV 05 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 16 NOV 05 by Bill-l1
HI Sue: I love your photo's.Thanks for sharing woth us all at HMF.

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most recent 9 MAY 05 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 9 MAY 05 by Lori Cullen's Garden
Wonderful work sharing your roses here on HMF! I am looking for something new,,,,I have a small spot so want a shrub no higher than 3'. Plus, I am in zone 3 so........... that limits me. All of my 30plus roses survived this winter :-)

Lori Cullen
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most recent 11 APR 05 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 9 APR 05 by Unregistered Guest
Hi Sue,
I love this site, too. I really love your photos! Almost every rose that I'm interested you grow! Thank you for posting them.

I have a question about Roseraie de l'Häy--can it tolerate some shade and still remain healthy?

Also, do you spray? I live on Long Island and have not been spraying. I'm considering moving some roses around and starting one section where I spray.

Thank you,
Reply #1 of 1 posted 11 APR 05 by Sue The Rose Lover
Hi Barbara, thank you for the comment on my photos :) I love Help Me Find & have been trying to upload any rose I have photos of.

To answer your questions-

"I have a question about Roseraie de l'Häy--can it tolerate some shade and still remain healthy?"
My Roseraie is now in sun, it used to be pretty heavily shaded, only getting a few hours of afternoon sun. My Roseraie was a tiny baby when I got it 2001, I'd say it was less than 10 inches tall. It is about 5ft. tall.
"Also, do you spray?"
Kind of & not really. In the spring, I use Volkk Oil Spray, and a few weeks later, after they start leafing out, I will use a fungicide. I make sure to spray the 1st chance I get after they leaf out, then after that, it is only if / when they need it. I will probably spray 3 to 4 times in a growing season unless we have a lot of rain. My fungicide of choice is Daconil, which has been discontinued. I like Daconil because it has something in it to make it stick.
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