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Scott and Marlene's Rose Garden
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Initial post 5 JUN 06 by dhukill

You should be very proud of your Roses.  They are very nice.  Do you typically buy your new plantings from a single source?  I just purchased 10 from J & P and was very satisfied.  I would prefer to purchase from smaller family growers.  Any suggestions?

Reply #1 of 5 posted 5 JUN 06 by Scott and Marlene's Rose Garden
Thank you for your comments. Many of my new plantings have come from J&P and Witherspoon Rose Culture. Most of the J&P roses were purchased online and were shipped bareroot. In my opinion, these are very good roses, and most have been true to form. The only problem I have with these are the wild nature of the canes. Too many cross and need to be removed before planting. The roses purchased from Witherspoon are exceptional. Most only have three or four canes, but their placement is perfect and the bud unions (most of their roses are grafted onto Dr. Huey) are very good. I have also bought several inexpensive roses from Home Depot. These tend to be above average performers in our garden despite their $5-10 price.  The bareroot J&P roses available at Lowes have been a real dissapointment. Almost all have been poor performers. I tried some of their bareroots in cardboard boxes this year and most are barely alive even though the box was removed prior to planting.I have rolled the dice and purchased some roses from Wal-Mart with mixed results. The CR roses are very good and I have found some plants there with Weeks tags on them that are also pretty good. Every single one of the other roses have been incorrectly packaged, so I have no idea what they actually are. I have seen a lot of this type of mix-up in potted J&P roses from Lowes this year. I have at least two plants that are not what they say they are (wrong metal tags).  So, to answer your question, I buy from four main sources : J&P, Witherspoon, Lowes and Home Depot. Many of the Home Depot roses are from smaller growers, but you need to be selective when buying. I would not suggest any bareroot roses from Lowes or Wal-Mart regardless of the grower. Potted roses from Lowes tend to be ok, and sometimes they get a shipment of plants from small growers. The CR roses from Wal-Mart in pots that are available in early spring are very good and seem to always be true to form. Plants from Witherspoon are always good, but are a little more expensive than everyone else. They sell primarily Weeks and J&P roses.  I don't have any experience buying direct from a small grower, though I'm sure there are many good ones out there (some are listed in the ad sections of magazines such as American Rose). I hope this answers your question. Please let me know if you would like me to elaborate on anything. Thanks again for your kind comments!
Reply #2 of 5 posted 5 JUN 06 by HMF Admin
Thanks for taking the time to contribute to the site and in such detail.
Reply #3 of 5 posted 6 JUN 06 by dhukill

I am pleased with what I recieved from J& P i'm glad to hear you have had good results.  When choosing the roses I planted my focus was to go into two main areas:  Fragarance and Cutting.

I took J &  P's recomendations on which ones to pick.  I planted them in early May, borderline late for bare root roses but they have all leafed out nicely and I have a couple that are setting on some buds.  I have not fertilized too heavily yet.  I put "mushroom stuff" in the hole and about 2 weeks later I scratched in some bayer 3-1  systemic granuals but that's about it.  I have heard mixed results on feeding a newly planted rose.  Some things I read say to wait and until the second year to fertilize.  Any thoughts on this?

Reply #4 of 5 posted 6 JUN 06 by Scott and Marlene's Rose Garden

I have seen many different opinions about fertilizing and feeding. I use two types of plant food on my roses : Quick release and Slow release. You should not apply quick release fertilizer to your roses until the second year. It is best applied after the danger of frost has passed, since this fertilizer will quickly bring the plants out of dormancy. I then follow with slow release fertilizer in the mid-June - July time frame. I have always heard that it is best to fertilize new plantings after the first bloom with slow release fertilizer. When I plant my roses, I use 70/30 topsoil/composted cow manure along with 1/2 cup each of bone meal and blood meal to back-fill. This seems to be enough food for the plants until they start blooming in early May.  Since I am relatively new at rose gardening, I am still experimenting with different fertilizers and plant foods to see which works the best with my soil and climate conditions.

Reply #5 of 5 posted 7 JUN 06 by dhukill

Thanks for your advise.   I have been using Bayer for about 5 years.  It says it's slow release but you really get a big growth spirt each time it's applied.   All of the ones I planted 6 weeks ago have at least 2 buds forming, so I gave them another application tonight.  I'm convinced the Mushroom Stuff ( if available in your area you should use this) had something to do with the strong start.   It's basically a Mushroom Compost Tea that really helps in the root structure developement. 

thanks again for your opinions.

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Initial post 20 APR 06 by wtowner
Your Roses are absolutely beautiful.  
Reply #1 of 1 posted 8 MAY 06 by Scott and Marlene's Rose Garden
Thank You!!
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