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most recent 10 APR 06 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 10 APR 06 by fleurdelis

Have tried several times to reach someone at the number given, but get only an answering machine.  Have left two messages and have gotten no response.  Is the number correct?  Is there a certain time to call to get an answer? I can be reached by email or phone number given below. Thanks,Janet

Janet Manry

Reply #1 of 2 posted 10 APR 06 by

 I've removed your email address and phone number from your message text.  You're just looking for spam by including either in the open text of your message.  If and when someone repsonds, HelpMeFind will send you a notification email anyway so there is no need to post your email address.

Meanwhile, we'll see what we can find out.
Reply #2 of 2 posted 10 APR 06 by fleurdelis
thanks for removing that info, I didn't  even stop to think  I am so eager for  an answer!  Thanks again, Janet
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