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The Rose (The Royal National Rose Society, (1984 to 2004)
(1998)  Page(s) 86. Vol 92, part 3.  
Colin Horner. 1997 International Trials at St. Albans.
Trial ground Certificate. '1832-88' (1853) Shrub; cerise pink; bears clusters of very many semi-double blooms; growth bushy, 2 1/2 ft. Scent little. 'The Fairy' x 'Heidetraum'. Noack, Germany.
(1999)  Page(s) 116. Vol 93, part 4.  
Peter Harkness. International Trials at St. Albans 1999.
Certificate of Merit. (1902-91) Shrub (TG2260); rosy coral, bears very many clusters of single blooms; growth vigorous and bushy, up to 3ft x 3ft, mid-green, neat, glossy foliage. Light scent. A Seedling x Seedling, Noack, Germany.
(1998)  Page(s) 58. Vol 92, Part 2.  
Bill Shaw. Sean McCann raised the question of the deterioration of 'Admiral Rodney'. The theory he quoted was that it had been over-propagated. it could be that - it was a small nursery that produced it. But might it not be that it was due to an inadequate longevity gene? A fault like this wouldn't show up in four or five years of testing but might take fifteen years or more to become evident.....
(1998)  Page(s) 11. Vol 92. Part 1.  
Sean McCann. Roses Down Under.
One theory of deterioration is that the constant stripping down of bushes to provide propagation material has resulted in the weakening of the plant. This was said to be the reason for many of the 'Admiral Rodney' bushes being so weak so soon after its introduction. It was felt that the material used to propagate the later bushes were constantly being ravished for the production of budwood. Better bushes could have been produced with budwood taken from bushes selected for vigour and health.
(1998)  Page(s) 109. vol 92, Part 4.  
Dr. Alan S. Harris. Northern Lights and Nordic Roses.
'Aksel Olsen' is a hybrid of R. helenae.....
(1984)  Page(s) 78. Vol 93, part 3.  
Peter Harkness. Spring Delights.
The sixth variety is 'Altaica' ......
(2008)  Page(s) 87. Vol 102. part 3.  Includes photo(s).
RNRS International Rose Trial Awards. 2005-2008 series. Trial Ground Certificate and Special Prize for Best Large Flower (Hybrid Tea). FLO No. 517. Large Flowered (Hybrid Tea). (TG No. 3Y/515/05-08). White, double blooms, buds round and pointed; good fragrance; foliage, mid to dark green, glossy; reddish brown thorns. Parentage: ('Typhoon' x MEIvildo) x MEImagarmic.
(2010)  Page(s) 19. Vol 104, part 1.  Includes photo(s).
'England's Rose' (Auslounge) .....
(1999)  Page(s) 26. Vol 93, part 1.  
Patrick H. Dyer: ....One little rose once again gave us a succession of blooms even though it is now forty two years old! My wife bought it for me at Easter 1956 under the name of 'Baby Crimson', a very appropriate name, since it has survived two moves of house and produced in excess of ten root divisions. It has been variously planted in pots, direct into a border or rockery over the years, The original is at present in the rockery whilst the remaining divisions are in pots.
(2000)  Page(s) 19. Vol 94, part 1.  
Peter Harkness. Favourite Roses for Hedges.
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