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Taylor's Guide to Roses (1986)
(Jun 1986)  Page(s) 90, 304.  Includes photo(s).
Albéric Barbier (Barbier 1900) Description... Flowers: light yellow, fading to white at the edges. Disease free and winter hardy...
(Jun 1986)  Page(s) 305.  
Aloha (Boerner 1949). Description... a climbing hybrid tea for which there is no bush form... flowers: medium pink with lavender-pink reverse... disease resistant, but slightly prone to mildew... winter hardy.
(Jun 1986)  Page(s) 305.  
America (Warriner 1976) Description. One of the very few climbers to be chose for All-America Rose Selection (1976)... flowers: coral salmon... disease resistant and winter hardy...
(Jun 1986)  Page(s) 305.  
American Pillar (Van Fleet 1902) Description. Like its wild ancestors, Rosa wichuraiana and Rosa setigera, 'American Pillar' is vigorous and disease free... flowers: deep pink with white eye, single... subject to mildew in the South... winter hardy...
(Jun 1986)  Page(s) 305.  
Baltimore Belle (Feast 1843) Description... flowers: light pink, fading to white, sometimes a button center... disease resistant and winter hardy...
(Jun 1986)  Page(s) 96.  Includes photo(s).
(Jun 1986)  Page(s) 442.  
Kölner Karneval Description... It is perhaps the most reliable variety in its color range... Mauve... Disease resistant and winter hardy...
(Jun 1986)  Page(s) 91.  Includes photo(s).
(Jun 1986)  Page(s) 415.  
Double Delight Description... It is popular for its color, form, and fragrance. Cut flowers have a long vase life... Creamy white with red edge, becoming red... Disease resistant, but needs protection from mildew in cool, wet climates. Winter hardy.
(Jun 1986)  Page(s) 415.  
Duet Description... Its flowers -- a light pink and deeper pink bicolor -- have a long vase life... Disease resistant and winter hardy...
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