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The Rose Encyclopaedia
‘Admiral Dewey’ (H.T.): Flower light blush-pink, large, of good shape. Vigorous, free flowering. Exh. Cut. Bed.
(1922)  Page(s) 360.  
Albert Stopford (T.) P. & C. Nabonnand. 1898. Flower Salmon rosy pink, outer petals purple rose, very large, full, sweet-scented. Growth very vigorous.
Alexander Hill Gray.  (T).  flower deep lemon-yellow, strongly tea-perfumed, large, full, of perfect form and high pointed centre.   Growth robust, vigorous and erect.     Exh.  F.
(1922)  Page(s) 360.  
A Descriptive List of Roses in Commerce.
Alfred Aubert (China): Flower satin rose, free flowering. Growth vigorous.
Alice Amos (poly. pom.): Flowers cherry-pink, with white centre, single, large trusses. Growth vigorous, free flowering. Bed.
(1938)  Page(s) 226.  
Andersoni (Hybrid of Species): Flower rose-pink. Blooms double, large. Produced in cluster in July. Variety is rather tender, needing warm position. Pil. W. (ed. note: Pillar, Wall).
Angelus (H.T.): White with creamy centre. Growth vigorous.
'Arethusa' (C.): Flower clear yellow-tinted apricot. Growth vigorous, free flowering, early and late. Bed.
(1922)  Page(s) 362.  
A Descriptive List of Roses in Commerce.
Ariadne (China), Wm. Paul & Son 1918: Flower bright crimson, centre shaded with yellow, moderately full. large strong petals. Growth vigorous, branching. Bedding.
Aspirant Marcel Rouyer (H.T.): Flower deep apricot, reddish apricot in the centre, tinted salmon flesh on outer petals, veined deep yellow at the base, very large, full, very long pointed bud carried on strong stem. Growth vigorous, branching. Exh. Bed. C.
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