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Deutsches Rosenbuch
(1889)  Page(s) 135.  
Tea roses...A. Bouquet (Liabaud 1873). Large, double, cluster-flowered, white with vermilion, normal growth
(1889)  Page(s) 125.  
Moss roses. A long pédoncule. Double, flesh-pink.
(1889)  Page(s) 133.  
Tea. Abbé Roustan (Nabonnand 1878). Large, double, flesh-white, violet reflexes, very beautiful.
(1889)  Page(s) 198.  
New Roses of 1889. Tea roses. Abbé Thomasson (Vve J. Schwartz). Small, double, salmon, centre coppery, edges yellowish white. Vigorous.
(1889)  Page(s) 156.  
Hybrid Perpetuals...Abel Grant (Damaizin 1865). Large, double, silky, with silvery reflexes.
(1889)  Page(s) 150.  
Noisettes. Adelaïde Pavie (Lévêque 1851), syn. Mme. Deslongchamp (Robert Moreau 1857). Small, double, center light pink, passing to pure white. Vigorous.
(1889)  Page(s) 199.  
New Roses of 1889. Tea Roses. Mme. Adèle de Bellabre (J. Ducher fils). Large, double. Peach-red shaded with carmine and yellow at the base of the petals. Elongated bud.
(1889)  Page(s) 123.  
53 Aennchen von Tharau (Geschwind 1886. - R. arvensis + R. alba). Cream-white, inside shade yellowish flesh-pink, medium to large, very double, centifolia-form, very soft colouring. Very strong climber, floriferous in clusters, quite hardy.
(1889)  Page(s) 149.  
Noisette. Aimée Vibert (Vibert 1828). Small, double, pure white, in large clusters. Very popular and faithful as a standard. There is a variety with yellow-edged foliage by Schwartz in Lyon 1878. R. Aimée Vibert à feuilles marginées. Pictured in the Journal des Roses 1881, page 25.
(1889)  Page(s) 133.  
Tea. Alba rosea carnea. (Lartay, 1863.) Flesh-coloured, whitish pink, beautiful double, fine form.
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