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(2008)  Page(s) 64-65.  Includes photo(s).
Reimer Kordes, 'Angela ®' (1984) ADR-Rose 1982. ...repeating shrub rose...loosely filled blooms in deep old pink bloom almost without interruptions all summer...very robust...very suitable for smaller gardens. Very hardy...100 cm high and 80 cm wide.
(2008)  Page(s) 57.  
Hans Jürgen Evers, Aspirin ®-Rose (1997). ADR-Rose 1995 - White, very robust ground cover...large, semi-double...very resistent against blackspot and mildew...slightly arching habit...In cool weather, bloom colour changes to a light rosé....60 to 80 cm.
(2008)  Page(s) 57.  
Hans Jürgen Evers, Augusta Luise ® (1999). With this rose ...Tantau entered the class of old-fashioned roses. Large, very double solitary blooms of 10 to 12 cm diameter have a fruity-sweet fragrance. Bloom colour changes from pink to apricot-yellow. Vigorous... 80 to 120 cm.
(2008)  Page(s) 56.  Includes photo(s).
Hans Jürgen Evers 'Barkarole ®' (1988) A long-stemmed blackish red Hybrid Tea...Well double blooms develop from elegante black-red buds. The dark green foliage is reddish when young ...vigorous and upright....100 cm.
(2008)  Page(s) 73.  Includes photo(s).
Mathias Tantau junior 'Mainzer Fastnacht ®' (1964) This hybrid tea which was the measure for roses with lavender-blue shades for many years, is also known as 'Blue Moon ®'. ...strong in sunny and warm locations. 100 cm...good cut-flower.
(2008)  Page(s) 72, 74.  Includes photo(s).
Mathias Tantau senior 'Direktor Benschop' (1945) ..a cross of 'Dorothy Perkins' x 'Professor Gnau'. ...known as 'City of York' in anglo-saxon countries...a once-blooming hybrid wichuraiana....many cream-white, semi-double blooms...dark green foliage...good hardiness for a yellow climber...500 cm.
(2008)  Page(s) 61.  
Wilhelm Kordes II, 'Crimson Glory' (1935) This hybrid tea has velvety dark red blooms. Its excellent fragrance is a sure characteristic. She was the sensation in 1935, as there was not such a dark red hybrid tea with this fragrance at the time. Well double blooms with up to 30 petals develop from long, elegant buds. Growth wide bushy with slightly drooping blooms...50 to 70 cm.
(2008)  Page(s) 73-74.  Includes photo(s).
Mathias Tantau junior 'Duftwolke' (1967) This hybrid tea is offered as a floribunda in some catalogues. Possibly due to the fact that the strongly fragrant blooms are in clusters of two to five. ...The coral-red colour looses some of its luminosity when aging. ...60 to 80 cm.
(2008)  Page(s) 62.  Includes photo(s).
Wilhelm Kordes II, 'Flammentanz ® (1955) This once-blooming climber is one of the most robust red climbers...hardy and floriferous....loosely double blooms are a bright, fiery blood-red....500 cm high and 150 cm wide. Already 1952 an ADR-Rose.
(2008)  Page(s) 62.  
Wilhelm Kordes II, 'Frühlingsduft' (1949) This hybrid spinosissima repeats regularly with some blooms into autumn. ..large, single, cream-white blooms with a yellow centre...very pleasing fragrance. Blooming begins very early end of May/June. Resistent, very robust and hardy....200 cm high and 160 cm wide.
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